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InMotion Hosting VS iPage – Shared & VPS Comparison

InMotion Hosting VS iPage – Shared & VPS Comparison

Both of InMotion and iPage are award-winning leaders in the web hosting industry. They both have launched a plenty of hosting products that cover shared hosting up to dedicated servers. In this InMotion Hosting VS iPage comparison, we will target on shared and VPS hosting mainly. To start with our topic, we would like to show some ratings on the two hosting service providers.

Rating InMotion iPage
Tech Support
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InMotion Hosting VS iPage > Shared Hosting Pricing & Features

To cater to people’s needs as possible, InMotion provides up to three upgradable shared hosting options – Launch, Power and Pro – at the cost of $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $19.99/mo. Note that this company integrates each plan with a compelling discount which marks the mentioned starting price down to $3.49/mo. To get the mentioned offer, you need to go thru the following promotional link.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Comparatively, iPage offers an all-inclusive plan named as Essential plan for individuals and small businesses. With regard to special offer, this company pay backs clients with a rarely-seen 77% discount which slashes the initial price down to be as low as $2.25/mo. Note that you are required to claim through the promotional link in below.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

In the following, we make out an all-rounded feature-comparison table of InMotion and iPage by choosing some essential features of the two hosting providers. Scroll down and know the detailed specifications.

Features InMotion iPage
Plan in Review Launch Plan Essential Plan
HDD Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 2 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel Custom
One-Click Script Installer Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No
Python Yes No
Advertising Credits $275 $500
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days Anytime

InMotion Hosting VS iPage > VPS Hosting Pricing & Features

In general, InMotion is included with three VPS hosting packages which are priced from $29.99/mo at a regular rate. However, this company offers a generous 33% discount for the basic VPS-1000S plan and lowers the mentioned regular prices down to $14.99/mo. Instead of offering coupon code, this web host allows scanners to activate the best price through the promotional link in below.

InMotion Hosting VPS Promotional Link Activation

Likewise, iPage also features three VPS hosting options which are named after Basic, Business and Optimum respectively. To stand out in the fierce competition of web hosting industry, this company offers a 20%-discounted price of $19.99/mo through the following promotional link.

iPage VPS Promotional Link Activation

Holding tight the principal that “what you pay is what you get”, both of InMotion and iPage allocate different resources in each package. As is displayed, we select the intro-level VPS-1000S and Basic plans from the two companies respectively to make a plain and equal comparison graph.

Features InMotion iPage
Plan in Review VPS-1000S Basic Plan
Memory 4 GB 1 GB
IPs 2 1
Disk Storage 60 GB 40 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2 TB 1 TB
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Free SSD Yes No

InMotion Hosting vs iPage > CMS Hosting

To be frank, both of them ensure the great CMS hosting service for all the hot scripts and applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, phpBB and many more. But when comparing them, InMotion Hosting is a little bit better.

Surely, we have to admit that they all ensure the full support for these scripts by offering PHP and MySQL with the latest versions, ensuring the secure environment using the suPHP, allowing sufficient disk storage and the memory limit of PHP, providing the 1-click application installer and many more. Even, they all allow the managed service for WordPress, with which you can enjoy the optimized hosting environment and the top-notch service to run this script.

However, as compared with iPage, InMotion Hosting allows a higher level of convenience. In its checkout page, you can enable the pre-installation service if you set up your site using PrestaShop, WordPress or Joomla.

InMotion Hosting vs iPage > Overall Security

Both InMotion Hosting and iPage pay much attention to the website security. For instance, InMotion Hosting leverages the features of SSL and SSH to achieve a risk-free connection between you and your readers, utilizes the firewall to prevent some suspicious ports and offers the CloudFlare CDN service to better protect your site away from the potential vulnerability.

As for iPage, this web host also has done a lot to keep your site safe. For example, they enable the automatic malware scans on a daily basis that help you stay away from viruses or some exploits placed into your site by hackers. Also, they activate the spam scanning service to clear the spam lists, making sure that your emails are not blocked. In addition, iPage gives you the freedom to have your domain verified and showcase a special security badge, giving your readers the feeling that your site is totally safe.

InMotion Hosting VS iPage > Data Centers & Networks

Both of InMotion and iPage are eco-friendly companies which utilize sustainable and renewable resources like power energy. In the further, their data centers are fully redundant with uninterrupted power carriers and battery backup systems. In the meantime, the two companies back up data daily and keep continuous monitoring on networks all day long to wipe out any potential disaster. From our monitoring data, their server uptime is well in excess of 99.9% in below.

InMotion and iPage both use top-of-the-line servers which are placed with name-brand hardware. Plus, to ensure registered users have a strong backbone, they use multiple routers from well-known Cisco and Brocade systems. As a matter of fact, it is reported that InMotion takes a few seconds to load which is 136% faster than its competitor. More details are in below.

InMotion Hosting VS iPage > Customer Service

InMotion VS iPage - Customer ServiceBoth InMotion and iPage enjoys high reputation and popularity among a number of people varying from freelancers and amateurs to professionals and Fortune 500 enterprises. Especially, the former one has been entitled as the best hosting service provider by some authorities like and WebHostingGeeks.

On top of that, both InMotion and iPage claim satisfying customer service and makes every client be empowered to ask for assistance through phone call and live chat support portals. More importantly, their well-informed technical employees are willing to help every customer out with heart and soul.

Final Assessment > InMotion is Worth Going

From our profound comparison above, we can notice that both of InMotion and iPage are worthwhile choices for shared and VPS hosting. And the former one has a large customer base and high customer endorsement due to its incomparable performance and price policy.