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InMotion Hosting vs A Small Orange on Blog Hosting Service

InMotion Hosting vs A Small Orange on Blog Hosting Service

At present, blogging has become a common practice for many people, especially young people, to share something to the public. In this case, almost all the web hosts claim to offer the affordable and top-notch blog hosting service, among which InMotion Hosting and A Small Orange are the hot options.

Both of them are the leading web hosts that have been recommended by a large number of bloggers. InMotion Hosting aims at fast and cheap solution while A Small Orange pays much attention to the ease of use for blog creation.

In order to help you have a comprehensive understanding between these two companies, we have made an InMotion Hosting vs A Small Orange comparison in the following, introducing how can they win over each other with their exclusive strong points.

Check the below editorial rating firstly. Surely, InMotion Hosting leaves a better impression for our experienced reviewers.

Rating InMotion A Small Orange
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InMotion Hosting is Better than A Small Orange on Blog Hosting

To compare the blog hosting services of these two web hosts in a detailed manner, our hosting reviewers have tried their services personally and started the online testing since the previous 6 months. According to the final result, we have found that InMotion Hosting is more cost-effective than A Small Orange with the faster speed, better support and a higher level of hosting reliability.

InMotion Hosting is Surely the Cheaper Option

There are 3 blog hosting plans available with InMotion Hosting that charge you starting at $6.99/mo regularly. However, to ensure the maximum benefits for bloggers, this web host now starts a special promotional campaign via this link to achieve at least 50% discount. With it, the hosting charge is down to $3.49/mo only.

As for the blog hosting of A Small Orange, there are 3 popular plans preferred by the common bloggers, charging you ranging from $5/mo to $20/mo. It is true that they also offer a Tiny plan that is charged starting at $2.92/mo only. However, as this plan is too feature-poor to choose, we’ll not discuss it.

Price InMotion A Small Orange
Plans Launch Small
Regular Prices $6.99/mo $5.00/mo
Discounted Prices $3.49/mo $5.00/mo
Discounts 50% Off N/A
How to Claim Promotion Link Not Recommended

Surely, all the 3 plans of InMotion Hosting are 100% cheaper that those of A Small Orange.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

InMotion Hosting Includes More Features into Plans

For common bloggers, the rich-featured hosting plan is essential. In this case, both InMotion Hosting and A Small Orange include as many useful and competitive features as possible into their hosting plans.

  • The cPanel control panel that makes the management process for websites and accounts a breeze.
  • A series of security technologies such as Password Protection, Leech Protection, IP Blocking, SSL, SSH and many more.
  • The 100% compatibility for all the popular scripts along with the 1-click script installer.
  • A series of email services such as IMAP, POP3, spam filtering and many more.
  • Advanced features including PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and MySQL, etc.
  • 90 days money back guarantee for the risk-free online deals.

However, if we have to choose one between them, InMotion Hosting is surely more generous by offering more server resources and free extras. We have compared the Launch plan of InMotion Hosting with the Small Plan of A Small Orange in the following.

Features InMotion A Small Orange
Plans Launch Small
Disk Storage Unlimited 5 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 50 GB
Advertising Credits $250 No
How to Claim Promotion Link Not Recommended

InMotion Hosting Ensures Better Performance and Uptime

The page loading speed and hosting reliability are two of the core factors for this comparison, for they have a huge impact on the quality of hosting service. To figure out the exact result, we mainly have done the following two tasks.

  • Search for the information introducing their web servers and data centers, as they affect the hosting performance greatly.
  • Start the online monitoring for getting the precise statistics.

As researched, we have found that all the web servers used by these two web hosts are enterprise standard, coming with the Intel branded core processors and SSD drives that are working in redundant RAID 10 arrays.

In addition, to ensure the stable working environment for the server machines, these two web hosts also rent multiple advanced data centers acting as the server spaces. Each of them is equipped with the cutting-edge technologies that are used to guarantee the redundant power supply, automatic temperature control, 100% security, time-rounded monitoring and many more.

With these technologies, both InMotion Hosting and A Small Orange claim to ensure at least 99.9% uptime all the times. According to our online monitoring, they all succeed in achieving this goal. Moreover, InMotion Hosting even does better with the 100% uptime.

When it comes to the hosting speed, InMotion Hosting again does a better job than A Small Orange. As tested, this web hosts only requires an average of 237 ms for the server response, which is 50% faster than A Small Orange.

To ensure this excellent result, InMotion Hosting not only guarantees the high quality of web servers and the advanced infrastructures of data centers. They also utilize a series of speeding up technologies that are listed in the following.

  • The SSD drives that are offered for free, with which your page loading speed can be boosted around 3 times faster.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN that stores your website data at multiple web servers and caches it from the nearest one for performance improvement.
  • The exclusive Max Speed Zone technology that gets your website and email run up to 6 times faster.
  • The direct data connections achieved by peering exchanges, reliable bandwidth providers and the largest ISPs.

InMotion Hosting Achieves the Better Technical Support

We have to admit that both of these two web hosts offer the 24/7 technical support, but InMotion Hosting is surely better for the contact channels and support efficiency than A Small Orange.

To get the support service, you can dial the toll-free phone number, click the live chat button, leave questions in the Q & A section, open a special ticket and send an email if you sign up with InMotion Hosting. Based on our personal experiences, no matter which method you choose and when you ask for help, their professional support staffs will give you the quickest response.

With A Small Orange, however, you can only get one official support channel that is email. It is true that they also have the live chat button appeared. However, when we enter the exact question, the system directs us to their knowledge base automatically.

A Small Orange is Better than InMotion Hosting on Blog Hosting

In fact, A Small Orange fails to win over InMotion Hosting for the essential aspects of charges, features, performance, uptime and speed. However, this web host achieves the better ease of use for website creation by offering the Weebly Cloud service.

Even, this web host offers their exclusive Web Builder service, with which you can get the best tools to start your blog site within 5 minutes with your preferred uniqueness.

In addition, if you sign up with their popular plans with the 12 months billing cycle, you can also get a free domain name with the .com extension. The free extra is not available from InMotion Hosting plans.

Summary – Which One Offers the Better Blog Hosting

As InMotion Hosting wins more scores than A Small Orange for all the critical aspects, we surely recommend you to try their services. In fact, in addition to the great impression they give to our reviewers and editors, their real customers also hold a positive opinion to their hosting service. Check the below chart to know how they satisfy these bloggers.