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InMotion Hosting Review, Rating & Secret Revealed on Business Class Web Hosting
InMotion Hosting 5 5

InMotion Hosting Review, Rating & Secret Revealed on Business Class Web Hosting

Since it was established in 2001, InMotion Hosting has been providing reliable and fast business hosting. The company guarantees 90 days full money back, anytime prorated money back, 99.9% uptime and premier technical support. Because of its excellence in serving businesses, it has received 3 out of 3 stars from CNET and A+ rating from BBB.

However, is InMotion good enough to run PHP scripts? To make it clear, we have hosted 2 WordPress websites on InMotion shared platform, kept monitoring them closely and worked out a review on InMotion hosting from several aspects, including affordability, PHP compatibility, reliability, performance, technical support and customer satisfaction.

InMotion Hosting Review
  • Reputation
    rating 5 of 5
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    rating 5 of 5
  • Speed
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  • Reliability
    rating 4.5 of 5
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  • Price
    $3.49/mo, 50% off $6.99/mo regularly

Price & Discount

InMotion has released 3 shared hosting plans – Launch, Power and Pro, the regular price of which respectively starts from $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo. Now, the company is offering a considerable discount for visitors going through this promotional link, with which the 3 plans are purchasable at a much affordable price of $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $13.99/mo.

Besides, all of the 3 plans include a free domain name for the first year, which values $11.99. In addition, $275 free Adwords credits are involved in Launch and $300 Adwords credits are in Power and Pro, which saves customers a lot of money in promoting their websites.

What’s more, InMotion guarantees 90 days full money back and anytime prorated money back, which means customers are able to ask for a full refund if they cancel their accounts in the first 90 days, and a prorated refund after that period.

InMotion Hosting Promotion Activation

PHP Compatibility

Coming with PHP 5.3.x and MySQL 5, each of InMotion shared hosting plan is 100% compatible with almost PHP open source scripts.

What’s more, InMotion has done more efforts to make its shared solutions more user-friendly.

  • Apache mod_rewrite module is installed by default, so customers are able to customize the URL of each link to make it search engine friendly.
  • PHP runs as suPHP for increased hosting security.
  • PHP memory_limit is set to be 512MB which is enough for customers to run a dynamic website.

Competitive Features

To be honest, the web hosting solution offered by InMotion is pretty rich-featured, providing customers with all the competitive features including unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer, multiple websites allowed in one account, free data backups, free marketing credits, multiple parked/addon domains, cPanel control panel, one-click script installer, and many more.

In addition to these common offerings, this company also offers some exclusive benefits that are listed in the following.

  • Free SSD – To guarantee a fast page loading speed, InMotion includes the solid state drives in the hosting packages that can be used for the websites, databases, content management systems, and all the applications.
  • SSH – The offering of SSH can guarantee a safe and secure remote control of the web server and website.
  • Programming Languages – This company offers all the latest advanced programming languages coming with the latest versions, including PHP, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, and PostgreSQL
  • CMS Pre-installation – Before purchasing the hosting plan, customers are allowed to have one CMS pre-installed into their hosting accounts, thus start running the websites immediately.


InMotion offers 99.9% uptime in practice, which makes customers run websites stably. The company only uses Commercial-Grade equipment from its world’s leading hardware partners like Dell and Cisco. Besides, in their data centers, they use advanced technologies to keep the hosted websites far away from many connectivity issues and interruption caused by the bandwidth providers.

In the past 3 years, our 2 websites hosted on InMotion shared platform have never had a serious interruption or downtime. The monitoring result in the last 30 days is seen in the following chart.


In terms of speed, InMotion is able to provide fast speed primarily for the following reasons. Almost no other web hosts could compete with it.

  • InMotion has developed 2 Category A, PCI compliant data centers on both the East Coast and the West Coast of US, and allows hosting users to choose either one of them according to their visitors’ location.
  • Both of the 2 InMotion data centers are equipped with 100% high performance Dell servers.
  • InMotion has developed its exclusive Max Speed Zone technology to enable up to 6 times faster speed in certain areas near the 2 data centers.
  • Experienced InMotion engineers are monitoring the data centers and severs all the time, so any issue can be resolved as soon as it occurs.
  • InMotion Hosting offers the solid state drives for free. As compared with the common HHDs, the SSDs can achieve the fast data access with almost no latency. As tested, this special drive can boost the speed of your page loading and email sending up to 3 times faster.
  • InMotion Hosting offers the CloudFlare CDN service without any charge, which achieves at least 300% faster speed and saves a lot of bandwidth usage for you.

Technical Support

InMotion offers 24×7 US based technical support powered by knowledgeable and experienced InMotion technicians who know popular PHP scripts such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla very well. No matter when coming across any issues, customers are capable of contacting the support team through toll-free phone call, email, live chat and ticket system to get instant and efficient assistance to resolve the issue.

A Large Knowledge Base with Rich Information

In order to ensure the ultimate convenience of self-learning, InMotion Hosting sets up a large knowledge base that contains plenty of how-to tutorials, special tips and tricks, beginner’s guide and many more. Even, to give you the better understanding, there are also a lot of video tutorials for you to check.

This knowledge base is divided into several parts, which include Email Tutorials, Website Tutorials, Domain Names, Education Channels and many others. The clear categorization allows you to find out your target questions quickly. Even, there is a special Q & A section that showcases all the frequently raised questions by the common webmasters, along with the precise answers.

Customers Satisfaction

We have collected 1053 InMotion hosting reviews from real customers at the professional hosting review site – BestHostingSearch. As a result, we find that among these customers, 98.9% are satisfied with the overall hosting service,98.5% are pleased with the reliability and performance, 97.1% are glad about the cPanel control panel, and 97.9% are satisfied with the customer support. The detailed statistics is in the following chart.
If you’d like to learn more, read through all the customer reviews at this link.

The Minor Drawbacks of InMotion Hosting

Without doubt, InMotion Hosting is the trustworthy hosting provider that offers rich features to fully meet your hosting requirements. However, the features included into their Launch plan are not as satisfactory as those offered by the Power plan and the Pro plan. With this basic package, you can only get 2 MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, 2 websites on a single account, 6 parked domains and 25 sub-domains. Personally speaking, this hosting package can only be used for the creation of personal blog sites.

In addition, it is true that InMotion Hosting offers the attractive promotional campaign to ensure the cheap prices. However, once your account expires and you need to renew the service, the renewal price is not budget-friendly.

Conclusion: InMotion Hosting Is Good to Go

Considering the good compatibility, satisfying uptime, fast speed, quality technical support and high customer satisfaction rate, InMotion is really a good choice to host PHP websites. Besides, as a business hosting provider, the company does provide 3 shared hosting plans at a really budget price. It is deserved to be recommended to all business owners.