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How to Increase WordPress Maximum Upload File Size

How to Increase WordPress Maximum Upload File Size

WordPress, being a popular platform, is used by one in every six websites on the internet. With a tremendous number of features and customizations in WordPress, the users get many benefits of using WordPress over any other platform. One of the unique features of WordPress is extending the maximum limit of the upload file. As images are an integral part of every WordPress site, every website owner feels a sense of independence if the maximum upload file size is higher than the size of their chosen image. In the following, we’d like to list some methods concerning about how to increase WordPress maximum upload file size.

Why Do This?

As thousands of websites and blogs run on WordPress, there might be various posts on these websites that involves the need for uploading files of large size. Uploading a file of large size is not supported because a specific maximum upload file size is set by default. However, the limit can be increased by following several methods in the correct way.

Increasing the maximum limit allows the webmasters to upload a file of higher size than allowed by the default settings. It creates a cushion that lets the webmasters to upload files along with the posts on their WordPress sites.

As a result, it removes the burden to customize the files to minimize its size for being uploaded on the site. Therefore, increasing maximum upload file size simplifies the tasks of the webmasters when it comes to uploading heavy files on a website running on WordPress.

upload file

Increase Upload File Size using Code

The enhancement of the features and customizations of a WordPress website can be the best when codes are used. The method of coding is preferred by the majority of experienced developers because it prevents the need for installing WordPress plugins offered by some third parties to avail several features.

When it comes to increasing upload file size using code, there are a number of ways. Some of the most effective techniques for increasing the maximum limit of file size have been discussed here.

Customizing the Theme Functions File

The easiest method of increasing the size of the file that is to be uploaded is by using the theme functions file. A particular code needs to be entered in the functions file on the WordPress website to enjoy the increased size of the file. To increase the size limit of the site, the webmaster needs to move to this function file and enter the following code.

theme functions file code

Editing a PHP.INI file

Like the above-mentioned method, the code helps in increasing the limit to the exact size as you want. For the activation of this feature, the administrator needs to visit the php.ini file and make the following customizations.

PHP.INI file code

Using htaccess

Last but not the least, the limit of file size can be increased by the htaccess method. Here is the authorized code that brings an extension in the public page.

htaccess code

Increase Upload File Size using Plugin

Plugins are always the best part of every WordPress site. With thousands of plugins available for different purposes, there are several plugins that facilitate in increasing the upload limit of files on a WordPress site. One of the most effective and popular plugins that fall into this category is Increase Upload Max Filesize.

Increase Upload Max Filesize

This plugin performs a simplified task in various versions of WordPress. Its work is to increase the maximum limit of the file size that can be uploaded in the website. Compatible with WordPress versions 3.6 to 4.0, the Increase Upload Max Filesize is an easy to install and configurable plugin that extends the upper limit of the allowed uploadable file size.

All an administrator needs to do is downloading, installing and activating it like all the other plugins for WordPress. Upon installation, an Upload Max Filesize menu appears in the Tools menu that can be run with php.ini to apply the settings.

Increase Upload Max Filesize Settings

It should be noted that the plugin sets the limit of maximum file size at the time of customization after activation. The limit is applicable to all the posts in the future. As the plugins run only once throughout its activation, it is imperative to know that the plugin won’t increase the limit automatically if the limit is manually decreased for a specific post. However, if the user wants to customize the plugin again, he can run the plugin from the Tools menu. He can also, reactivate it after de-activating it from the admin panel.


The limit of file size needs to be such that the administrator doesn’t need to think twice before uploading an image or video in support of the content. Some websites have too small size limit by default that makes it too hectic for the administrator to upload files conveniently. Through coding as well as plugins, the maximum limit can be as large as you want, which is sufficient enough for uploading images, as well as videos. Overall, the codes as well as the plugins are effective in increasing the maximum limit of uploading a file to a WordPress site.