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How to View Module Positions in Joomla 3

How to View Module Positions in Joomla 3

A module position is used to determine the location of one or several components in a theme. It is a Joomla feature that simply acts as a placeholder to locate the webpage logo, sidebars, search box, login form, body section, header, footer and anything else.

As different template designer may have different tastes on the arrangement of module positions, you’d better know how to check it to better design your website. In the following, we’d like to introduce two ways concerning about how to view module positions in Joomla 3, followed by the way of changing positions.

Enable the Function of Previewing Module Positions

In the very beginning, you should enable the preview function of module positions. To do this, you need to log into your Joomla dashboard using the right entering credentials. Then, find the Template Manager button from the Extension tab in the menu bar.

Template Manager

In the next page, you can find an Option button from the top-right position. Click it.

Joomla Option Button

Now, you are in the Global Configuration of Joomla templates, from which you can turn on the function of Previewing Module Positions by clicking the Enable button. After the Enable option turns green, you can start viewing the module positions for your webpage. Here, do not forget to save the settings.

Preview Module Positions

Two Ways for Checking the Positions

Here, we introduce two methods of checking the module positions if you have done the first step successfully.

The first way is by entering the parameters. To check the module positions, you need the parameter of “?tp=number”. The word of “number” can be any figure that is starting from “0”. Then, you can insert this parameter at the end of your website URL. The question mark is acting as a separation. Due to the different configurations of each template, the separation thing might be a “&” at some time.

Now, you can press the Enter button in your keyboard. Then, each module can be marked with position numbers in red color.

Module Position Numbers

Besides this way, you can also view the module position using your Joomla dashboard. Again, you need to enter the Template Manager page. In the body section of this setting page, you can find a list of templates that are installed for your website. Under the Style column, you can find a “preview icon” that looks like a human eye before each template name. Simply click it, and then you can get a new window that looks like the above-displayed image.

Preview Icon

Or, you can click the Template option on the left side below the Styles option. Here, you can find a Preview button for each template. You can get the same window by clicking it.

Template Settings

Change the Module Positions

After knowing how to view the position of each module, now, you can change it if you are not satisfied with the original website design. To do this, you firstly need to enter the Module Manager from the Extensions tab.

Module Manager

Now, you can check the position number of each enabled module. As you have already known the exact location of every position number after viewing the module positions, you can change the number to move the exact component to your preferred location.

Module Position Numbers

To make the changes, you can click the module name directly, or click the Edit button at the top of the page after checking the box before the module. In the next page, you can find a special box named as Position at the right side. Click the drop down menu and choose your preferred position number. After that, click the Save button to save the change.

Position Changes

We have a sample page that locates the Login Form module and Main Menu module at the position-7 location. Now, we want them to be displayed upside down, so we change the Login Form to position-4 using the above-mentioned steps. Check the comparison between the two designs.

Comparison between Two Designs