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How to Use Twitter for Business - Great Tips to Better Market Your Business

How to Use Twitter for Business – Great Tips to Better Market Your Business

As Twitter has become more and more popular among Internet users all over the world, some smart businessmen have realized that this is a great platform for marketing their businesses online. After all, Twitter can guarantee a perfect public presence on the Internet, increasing your chances to attract more potential customers effectively. In this case, we have introduced some useful tips in the following concerning about how to use Twitter for business, helping you win customers easily and quickly.

Showcase Your Brand

To maximize Twitter’s function on marketing your business, you firstly need to show your brand in a clear and obvious way. You can do this by modifying your account profile.

After logging into Twitter, you can find a special white button on the top-right corner allowing you to edit your profile. Simply click it and start presenting your brand. Here, you can decide three factors according to your needs.

edit Twitter profile

  • Header Photo – This photo can be used as the header of the Twitter homepage as well as the background of your profile. For some common or personal accounts, an attractive and colorful image is a great option. For a business account, however, we highly suggest you to use the single-color image for keeping a simple and professional impression.
  • Profile Photo – This can be regarded as the representation of your business, so you have to choose the photo carefully. Generally, people choose to use their logo as the profile photo, and we think this is an effective way to better showcase the brand.
  • Brief Introduction – In your profile, you can add a short description of your business, including the company name, main goods and services, company location, and online address.

Expand Follower Base

twitter followerThe prerequisite of using Twitter to market your business successfully is that you have a large number of Twitter followers. After all, if no one notices you, how can you introduce and promote your products. Previously, we have already introduced you some top tips on how to get more Twitter followers, such as posting quality tweets, working on the images, and interacting with Twitter users.

To be honest, these tricks can help you attract many followers in the very beginning, but due to the fact that your account is mainly for business, you need to make some changes when your follower base accelerates to a certain level. Here, we mean that you’d better not to follow people randomly, but to target those who may turn to your potential customers. You can get to the point through the following two methods.

  • Look to your comment section, and follow those who have left some meaningful comments.
  • Go to your peer accounts that are in the same niche as you, and follow their followers.

Post Business Related Tweets

The first two steps can be regarded as the preparations for business promotion. Now, it’s time for marketing. The most effective way to do this is to tweet for your business, including the introduction of your commodities, the link to your e-commerce site, and even the positive review posts of your company.

Here, we have to mention that you need to make things professional and commercial. Always remember that this is a business account, so never share something irrelevant to your company.

Utilize Twitter Ads

Twitter has an advertising tool for users to connect with their potential clients. According to the online survey, we have found that the majority of people are likely to make a purchase from the providers they have followed or communicated on Twitter. With Twitter ads, you can do this easily.

Twitter business

  • Promoted account – This can be viewed as the ad being able to attract your targets to follow you, appearing in front of the right Twitter users.
  • Promoted Tweet – This is similar to the common tweet that can be retweeted and replied. However, it can include a rich media to better present your business.
  • Analytics – You can get a better result if you gain deeper insights. The Analytics can help you keep in touch with what you have done on Twitter tightly, and monitors your ads unceasingly in the real time.
  • Price – This tool never charges you for the common activity on this social platform. You only need to pay for the service when your promoted account is followed and your promoted tweet is replied or retweeted.

To use Twitter ads, simply log into this webpage and click the Let’s go button to start advertising. After choosing the geographical location of your targeting market and your monthly budget for advertising in the next screen, you can see an information area appeared automatically requiring you to enter your name, email address, the Twitter account for your business, company name, and phone number. Once finishing, simply click the Submit button. Then, simply wait for the analyzing result from Twitter ads.