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How to Upgrade Joomla - Essential Steps for Attack and Hacking Prevention

How to Upgrade Joomla – Essential Steps for Attack and Hacking Prevention

Keeping the CMS you are using up-to-date is pretty essential for the website security. Generally, a site built with the old version is very easy to be hacked as the security vulnerabilities of the old version is made public when the new one is released, which makes the hacking thing a relatively easy task. In this case, we’d like to share a series of tutorials concerning about application upgrade. The previous post is for WordPress update, and this article is created to tell you how to upgrade Joomla easily and successfully.

Carry out a Minor Update

update JoomlaThe minor update means the upgrade within the same major version, such as updating from the version 3.0.0 to the version 3.0.1. Generally, a minor update happens when Joomla developers fix the security loopholes that are found online. Therefore, there are no big changes between two minor versions, and the only difference is that the latest version is safer than the old one.

To carry out a minor update, you firstly need to go for your administrative panel by entering your domain name along with “/administrator”. Since Joomla version 3.x.x, this CMS can check whether there is a new version available for you automatically. If the new one is released, then you can be notified with a small message appeared at the bottom of your dashboard, coming with the version and the installation link. Once you find that message, simply click it for proceeding. Of course, you can also go for to figure out a new version on your own.

Joomla Update Message

Now, you can check for the new version to update. Before that, however, we highly suggest you to make a backup for your current website in the case that there is something wrong during the upgrade process, resulting in the data or valuable information loss.

Once you click the upgrade link, you can be directed to a new page allowing you to install the update. In fact, you can also get into this page from the Component tab in Joomla administrative panel. In the dropdown menu of this tab, you can find a Joomla update option. After clicking it, you can enter the update page.

Within this page, you can know your current version, the latest version that you want to install, the package URL, as well the installation channel. Then, you simply need to click the Install the Update button, and wait a few moments for the update completion. Once done, you can get a confirmation about your successful upgrade.

Install Minor Update

Carry out a Major Update

In addition to the minor update, you also need to consider the major update from the version 2 to the version 3. This can be regarded as a huge upgrade as it not only ensures a safer environment, but also adds more features and highlights.

To start the upgrade, you need to navigate to the Component tab from the dashboard and click the Joomla Update option, and you can get into a new page for update configuration. Then, you simply need to choose the Short Term Support from the dropdown menu. In fact, the Long Term Support is the default option, but you need to switch to the short one manually as the long term release in not available in Joomla official repository at present. Don’t forget to click the Save & Close button.

Short Term Support

Now, Joomla system can check and figure out the latest major version automatically, and you simply need to click the Install the Update button. The process is as same as that of a minor update.