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How to Reduce Bounce Rate to Raise Connections Between Webpages

How to Reduce Bounce Rate to Raise Connections Between Webpages

Increasing the number of followers in every site has been a real challenge that ought to be dealt with rationally for webmasters. Among the multiple aspects to achieve this goal, how to reduce the bounce rate has been an issue on many sites.

In fact, there are various methods to increase the page views and reduce the bounce rate significantly, with which you do not have to worry anymore because solutions are here on the ways to increase the percentage single page sessions on the WordPress site.

In the following, we have listed some of the top solutions that can work the best among others.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate refers to a single page sessions or the number of guests that visit your webpage and never take their time on the other pages. Instead, they leave immediately.

The reduced level of bounce rate can increase the opportunity for readers to get more information on your site, and raise the connections among your webpages. In this case, the online traffic can come to you automatically.

Bounce Rate

Methods to Reduce the Bounce Rate

After searching online and referring to the experience of our professional SEO experts, we have listed some of the most effective methods concerning about how to reduce the bounce rate of your websites.

Come Out Quality Content

Writing good blog posts on your site has a huge significance in wooing readers to view your articles. As people have the confidence on what you have written, this can reduce the bounce rate at the same time raising the quantity of pages viewed.

Also, the quality information with excellence keeps visitors on your site for long. The long time spent by quests on your pages is advantageous to your blog traffic.

To achieve this goal, the article you publish must be brief, precise and free of errors. The post should be self-explanatory. Without a good content, your website may be experiencing high bounce rate.

Show Related Posts at the End of Webpages

RelatedPutting related posts at the end of the blog ensures that readers on your website do not have to struggle so much to get the relevant content. This technique can make your page user-friendly, which is also one of the visitors’ favorites.

Having linked information on a webpage has a lot of importance in wooing the visitors to hang around the site for a long duration of time. It can also make the site unique and informative. The linked details should also be readable and simple to understand.

Interlink the Posts

Interlinking the posts is not only better for search engine optimization, but also a way to increase the quantity of webpages viewed. Interlinked information helps the readers to comprehend the topic well.

Split Up Longer Posts

Split UpThe longer posts scare away the reader from your website. It is important to split the post into sub-topics to boost clarity and comprehension of the post with ease. Very detailed posts consume much of reader’s time because the topic may not be clear. Also, covering a lot of information in one post makes it difficult for the visitor to understand the topic.

Add Beautiful Sidebar

Make your sidebar popular by linking it with the previous and famous/popular posts can give your visitors a chance to go through your articles fast. This is another creative method to flicker interests of your viewers on other posts you have published on your webpages.

Limit the Use of Pop-Ups

Too much of pop ups may bore the viewers and distract them from concentrating on the core content. Limit the use of them to make your site viewer friendly.

Guarantee Fast Speed

The speed of your site depends on various factors. It is advisable to consult a reliable hosting provider to support your website. This is one way on how to reduce bounce rate by having your pages load very fast. This ensures that readers can use a short time accessing your posts.

Cut off Distraction

DistractionYou may have come across a website that automatically plays video or audio on the pages. The audio and video distract the viewer from getting the information that he or she needs. These kinds of disturbances must be avoided because they contribute to increased bounce rate.

Make Use of Footers and Widgets

Footers and widgets enhance the page views and raise the audience base. Moreover, social media linkage aids in increasing the follower number.

Open External Links in New Windows

This is a simple idea that is ignored by many. If you are going to have a linkage of a resource on your blog page, make sure you open it in a new window instead of having it redirected to another site.