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How to Put Ads on Your Website - Great Advertising Tips for Making Money Online

How to Put Ads on Your Website – Great Advertising Tips for Making Money Online

For webmasters who are wishing to make money on the Internet using their websites, selling advertisement spaces is one of the most popular ways. With this method, money can come into your pocket automatically every time the ads are clicked by your visitors. Due to this convenience, we have already shared some related tips concerning about how to attract advertisers and how to use Google Adsense. This time is for ad placement. In the following, we’d like to introduce some useful tricks telling you how to put ads on your website properly, picking people’s eyes easily and effectively.

Make Use of Google Adsense

For beginners who sell ad spaces for the first time, the use of Google Adsense is a perfect option. This program can do all the things for you that include website analysis, ad selection, and ad coding generation. The only thing you need to do is to copy the code and paste it to your webpage.

Honestly speaking, Google Adsense can alleviate much pressure as you don’t need to figure out the preference of your readers, to check the reliability of advertisers, to compare multiple options with the highest profits, and to create advertisement coding on your own. All of these can be done perfectly and automatically by Google Adsense.

Google Adsense

Choose Website Related Ads

In fact, the majority of people hate to see advertisements when they are browsing the webpage, especially the ones that they have no interests. To ease this annoyance, you’d better make sure that every advertisement placed on your website is tightly related to your content, and can provide the quality goods and services that your readers want the most.

Pay Attention to the Ad Design

Ad DesignThe advertisement can be regarded as an integral part of the website design when it is added on your webpage, so you’ better try your best to make sure that it can match the style of your site perfectly. For instance, if you utilize some light colors for your background, then the ads also need to adopt the same or the similar color schemes.

Although the ads need to be added obviously that can be found easily, it does not mean that you can use the abrupt design to achieve this goal.

Control the Number of Advertisements

Never place too many advertisements on your webpages. After all, people who visit your site aim at getting the useful and meaningful information, but not to see the advertisements. In addition, as search engines now focus on reading experience greatly, having loads of ads on your site may affect your overall ranking negatively as they may cause a bad information browsing process for your readers.

In fact, there is no exact answer of how many ads can be added on the website, for this is based on the level of website size and traffic. Generally, we suggest you not to place more than 3 ads if your site is a small blog. However, if you are managing a medium sized site, the number can be up to 6. In terms of some large sites, the number can be even more.

Focus on the Placement

Although you have the ability to locate your ads at any places within your site, it does not mean that you can do this without enough consideration. Generally, the best locations for advertisements include the header of the homepage, the footer of the homepage, and the sidebar area. Some webmasters even include an ad in the center of the webpage. You can try one place before making a final decision, and change to another after one month to figure out which placement can induce people for clicking with the best efficiency. This process may cost you a few months, but it is worth doing as different placements may give you different results.

 Ad Placement

The above image is a typical example of advertisement placement. The orange color sections and the blue color sections are the best placements, while the rest two are less good.