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Comprehensive Guidance on How to Promote Your Website Online

Comprehensive Guidance on How to Promote Your Website Online

No matter how great your blog content is, you can get nothing if no one gets into your site. Therefore, knowing how to promote your website online can be an essential task. As many webmasters are confused about where to start, in the following, we’d like to make a comprehensive guidance on this topic. Note that some of the methods are free of charging, and others require you to spend some money. You can choose them based on your needs, efforts, time and budgets.

Make Use of Social Media

First of all, you can resort to the utilization of popular social media platforms, such as Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Google Plus – Being the product of Google Inc, this platform benefits a lot for your website ranking on Google searching result page.
  • Twitter – This platform has been adopted my many online business owners and ecommerce portals. If your site is large and can generate you some revenues, Twitter is a good option.
  • Facebook – This is the most popular social medium with millions of daily participants. Therefore, if your account owns a large number of followers, your website can be promoted easily in front of potential readers.
  • Pinterest – This one can be viewed as a showcase platform, which is great for people wishing to promote photo galleries and product listing sites.

Social Media

When it comes to the methods of taking advantage of them to benefit your website promotion, you can think about the following steps. Note that no matter which platform you choose, the general steps are just the same.

  • Make your account as informative as possible. You’d better add all the information that the social media require in detail, whether it is necessary or optional. Besides, choose proper header images and covering images.
  • Expand your following base as large as possible. You can do this by publishing interesting and eye-catching posts regularly, following your potential followers, commenting on popular posts, and interacting with popular accounts.
  • Promote your website and blog posts on these platforms. Now, you can forward your website articles and share them on your account. As you have a large follower base, these posts can get a high level of exposure, shared, re-shared and liked by many other online users.

Comment on Peer Bloggers

Comment on Peer BloggersIn order to interact with readers in a convenient manner, many bloggers and website owners prefer to open the comment section, from which people can leave words, ask questions and communicate with each other. In addition, this section is also a great area for you to promote your websites.

As researched, 74% of online users will browse the comments after reading through the whole blog post. In this case, if you comment on it with worth-reading words, along with a URL redirected to your website, your promotional goal can be achieved greatly.

  • Only choose some popular posts and websites with a high search engine ranking. For instance, if you want to promote your blog post concerning about how to choose a WordPress template, you can search the keyword on the search engine, and choose your targets from the top 10 lists.
  • Comment with truly meaningful contents. In order to prevent comment spam, almost all the bloggers open the comment moderation, being conscious to the comments that have links. To pass the moderation and get your words to be published, you have to write down the words that are worth-reading and informative, adding some values to the whole post.
  • Enter your links naturally into the comments. For this, you can start a debate to express an opposite opinion against the source post, and enter your post link as evidence. Or, you can agree with the source post, and express another train of thoughts with your post linking showcased.
  • Write down the comments as long as possible, showcasing your sincerity of saying something meaningful, but not to promote your site. Besides, leave each website only one comment with your website linking integrated, and each comment can only obtain one link.

Exchange Links with Sister Websites

Exchanging links with other websites can effectively arouse searching spiders to crawl your website, which is better for webpage indexing and online ranking.

  • Only choose some popular and quality websites for exchanging links.
  • It would be better to choose the sites that have the same or similar main ideas of yours.
  • The link needs to be showcased at the homepage of your sister sites.
  • Do not choose some websites that have too many “friend links” – more than 10 links.

Start Forum Promotion

Forum and BBS promotion is popular nowadays. The large active user base can expose your website to the largest extent. However, this method needs to be carried out strategically. Otherwise, you can only get the opposite results.

  • At present, there are some large forums like Reddit, Fluther and Quora that allow a wide variety of topics. If you do not want to promote your site on these forums but are looking for a specific one, then forum or BBS you choose should be relevant to your contents. Never post a cooking thread on a technology forum.
  • It would be better to choose some long-lasting forums with millions of threads and active users.
  • Constantly change your accounts for website promotion. Almost all the quality forums have the monitoring system for answers. If you use the same account to promote your website for too many times, this system may ban your account temporarily or even permanently.
  • Do not post more than 5 promotional threads on one forum. In order to prevent spam, forums are always conscious about the threads that have the same or similar linking. Some strict forums may directly remove these threads, destroying your promotional campaign completely.
  • When posting the thread, you need to make sure the quality of the contents. Your first goal is to share your knowledge and thoughts with other people, and the links are just added as evidence or detailed information to support your opinion.

Publish Sponsored Posts and Purchase Backlinks

Sponsored PostsThe above-mentioned strategies are all free of charging, but require you to spend a lot of time and efforts. These two methods can give you an instant result, but need you to spend some money.

Publish Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are generally originally-created articles used for the promotion purposes. You can write some words based on your website niche that can be useful for readers. Usually, some high-quality sponsored posts might be shared by a lot of websites and platforms, which are the free chances for website promotion.

  • You need to choose some popular websites that are within your niche to publish the sponsored posts. Generally, it would be better choose the sites that have a high PR ranking (within ten thousand) and large daily traffic (more than 3000 visitors).
  • The post content needs to be of high quality, coming with a high level of readability and professionalism. Only in this way, readers may trust your links and make a click for further reading. Besides, the bad posts can never pass the review of your partners.
  • Insert your links in a natural way.
  • Only contain two links into each post.
  • Use both your brand name and some common words as your anchor texts to promote your whole site and your specific posts.
  • Always remember that the links need to be DoFollow.

Purchase Backlinks

This method is pretty similar to the exchange of links, resulting in a backlink to be showed on other websites. Therefore, when considering this way, you can refer to the tips of link exchanging. However, you need to remember the expiring date of your backlinks and contact your partners for renewal.