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Easy Ways to Optimize the Old Blog Posts to Bring Them A New Life

Easy Ways to Optimize the Old Blog Posts to Bring Them A New Life

Every time you publish new content on your blog, the old content gets pushed away. You thus lose the value of these posts that you spent a lot of time writing and getting information.

There is a common sense that these words simply sit in your archives without any conversion value, but the fact is that they can come handy in upping the site traffic once more. In this case, we have listed some useful tips concerning about how to optimize old blog posts and earn traffic from them one more time. Note that this practice may be ignored by many people, but can never be missed out by brilliant bloggers.

Why Should You Optimize Old Blog Posts?

The reason is simple. The accuracy and the relevancy of your old blog posts is no longer in line with the marketplace today. The content thus needs to be updated. Old content is also not SEO-friendly, and an update makes it better to adapt to the search engines and gets you traffic.

Optimize Old Blog Posts

Tips to Optimize Old Blog Posts

Keep Your Update Search Engine Friendly

First of all, you should ensure that the posts are search engine friendly because as time goes by, they will pick up natural search engine traffic for your site. There are so many related methods, among which the use of keywords is the most popular one.

To optimize posts for search engines based on keywords, you need to ensure that the keyword is relevant to your content. The keyword should appear on the post title, body, meta tag, picture names and other file names and many more. You can also have a video with the title carrying the keyword. However, do not overuse the keyword. You can refer to this page to get more information for the proper use of this strategy.

Add Internal Linking

You should link your updated posts to other related posts. It is a simple strategy that the blogosphere is yet to come to terms with. It gets your readers to read relevant blog posts to get more information from your whole site.

Write a Follow Up of the Updated Posts

Follow UpThis is more or less like internal linking. The only difference is that the follow up here is direct. This involves building on the previous post to give more information on it.

For instance, the old post may be “How to Reduce Site Spam” and the follow up post is “More ways to Reduce Site Spam”. This gets your readers referring to your older post to get earlier content before reading the new ones.

Link Older Posts in the Sidebar

As visitors read your new content, they should be able to see the older posts on the sidebar. The posts should have good and precise titles that lure the visitors into clicking on them. It is important because the sidebar is seen on each and every page that a visitor lands.

Include the Old Posts in Your Email Newsletters

If you have an email list, then you have one of the best platforms to share your old content. If you do not have an email list, you should start one today.

Send links for old posts to your subscribers while notifying them of new content. Of course, the posts need to be highly related to your updates.

Add Resource Pages

Resource pages should be added on the sidebar of your blog and used to direct readers to your older posts. It is a great way to give your older posts a great exposure. Note that the resource pages should highlight one or more topics.

Have a Good Archives Page

Ensure that you customize your archives page to look good and lure readers into getting many clicks. An archive page that offers different options is better than one that has less or no options.

In this way, visitors may be looking for specific types of posts. When this happens, their chances to have an eye on your older posts that are within this archive can be boosted largely.

Archives Page

Share Old Posts on Social Media

Social medium is one of the platforms that bloggers use to optimize old blog posts. Share the old content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media. Though not all readers will read your content, you still can have a good number of followers to share the posts for including new readers. Make sure that the content you share is optimized with good quality.

Create Videos for the Older Posts on Your Blog

If you know of a blog post that goes viral on your blog, you can create a video to compliment it and fetch more traffic from it. Reintroduce the old blog post with a video link. This can bring your older words in front people again for traffic generation. The video will additionally get your traffic on YouTube.