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How to Make WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

How to Make WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

The smartphone has become an integral part of our daily life. People just lay on it for doing everything, such as contacting acquaintances, booking a room, shopping some items, searching for troubleshooting and many more. As researched on the web, we even have found that more and more online users prefer to use the easy-to-carry mobile for website browse.

However, the truth is that not all the websites are mobile friendly. Visitors can surely check the website contents via their PC properly. But once they enter these sites using the smartphone, there might be something wrong for the display of webpages.

In this case, we have listed some tips about how to make WordPress site mobile-friendly, with which you can give your mobile visitors a great reading experience.

Consider Creating the Mobile Application for Your Site

The mobile application simply generates an exclusive and comprehensive online presence for your website, with which your readers can engage with your content deeply by spending more time on your website. Therefore, if you are in the following situations, you can create the mobile app for your site to achieve the purpose of mobile-friendliness.

  • You have the deep technical knowledge and enough energy for the creation of the mobile application. Or, you have some extra budgets to hire some technicians to create the app for you.
  • Your site needs to achieve the interactive and rich experiences for your visitors, so that they can engage with your contents easily. These sites could be some travel sites or the large retail sites.
  • You want to display something special on your site, such as showcasing a small game, but the web technology disallows you to do so.
  • You are going to establish an online brand and are looking to have a great influence within your niche.

How to Create a Mobile APP

In fact, there are a lot of online tools available on the web, with which you can create your mobile applications without much hassle. Here, we personally recommend you to try the Appy Pie – an online service that helps you create the IOS or Android application easily.

Once entering it, you firstly need to offer the domain name of your main site and decide a name for your application.

Appy Pie

After clicking the Convert Now button, you can start creating your mobile app. Firstly, you should decide the category for your app, such as Business, Health, Worship and many more. This tool presents 31 options in total.

In the next step, you can choose a theme for your app. However, the shortcoming is that this tool only allows 12 pre-developed themes.

Choose Theme

Then, you can start building the pages. In the very beginning, you need to decide the overall design of the homepage, including the name, icon, navigation buttons and many more. After that, you should add some additional pages for the sections of “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Blog”, “Forum” and many more. If you do not know how to carry out this practice, there is a video tutorial that demonstrates each step in detail.

Add Pages

Now, you should make the customization of your page designs, such as the splash screen, application backgrounds, navigation styles and many more. As everything is configured properly, you now can publish your application on the web.

It is true that the utilization of mobile app can achieve an ultimately great reading experience for your visitors, but it does not mean that everyone can adopt this method. After all, the creation of applications costs you time, energy and budgets. In this case, unless you are within the above-mentioned circumstances, you’d better consider the following tips.

Create a Mobile Site to Showcase Your Contents

As more and more webmasters now have realized the importance of web traffic via mobiles, the creation of a mobile versioned site can be a preferred option.

To put it simply, this kind of website is a separate version of your original website, which can only be accessed by mobile users. With it, there is no need for you to worry about the content display and user experience. This kind of site simply can give your readers the same level of cheerfulness when they check your site using the computer.

How to Create a Mobile Site

As for the creation of this kind of website, we personally have tried the tool named as DudaMobile, which is a user-friendly mobile site builder. After entering their official site, you need to provide your website domain and click the Go Mobile button.

Next, you can start the creation from the part of Page Design, which includes the determinations of Layout, Style and Header. In the right hand of the whole screen, you can have a real-time preview of your mobile site design, and customize it accordingly.

This process is simple as you just need to click your mouse. However, it may take you times as you need to continue modifying the design as your contents can be displayed in the best manner.

Design Mobile Site

Next, you should edit your pages. This tool will identify your main pages automatically. In our example, the main pages are Home Page, Hosting Page and Contact Us Page. If you are not satisfied, you can add new pages and delete the existing ones as you like.

As for the modification of each page, you can decide the page icon and title, as well as carrying out some optimizations with the SEO elements.

Also, you can add some additional components into the mobile site by dragging and dropping the right option into the proper location of the preview section, such as the Click to Call button, Google Map, Photo Gallery, PayPal button and many more.

Edit Pages

Now, you can publish your mobile site to make it alive.

Surely, this tip can give your mobile readers great visiting experiences. However, you can hardly ensure the exactly same design as your original site. Even, the domain name can only be something like Besides, if you use the free service for site building, such as the Basic package of Duda Mobile, the domain is just like To be frank, this kind of URL can do no good to your website SEO.

Make Your Website 100% Responsive

Making your site responsive means that your website contents can be showcased properly no matter what devices your readers use. With the responsive design, your site can adapt to the mobiles, tablets, computers, laptops and many more automatically. To achieve this, WordPress gives you great convenience by offering a large number of mobile themes and plugins.

Use the Mobile WordPress Template

In order to keep your website consistent between the desktop version and the mobile version, using the WordPress mobile themes can be your first option. These themes generally achieve the combination of fluid layouts by leveraging the percentages for width but not the exact pixels. Besides, they may also have the media queries for some breakpoints.

At present, there are a large number of mobile themes on the web, either paid or free. Even, the default WordPress theme of Twenty Fourteen is 100% responsive and mobile friendly that can fit any screen size.

Install the Mobile WordPress Plugins

If you already have well-customized website theme and do not want to change to another one, you can install the WordPress mobile plugins that help your site display properly via the smartphone.

Among all the available options, WPTouch is the most widely-used one. This plugin automatically generates the elegant mobile version for your site, and helps the website pass the Google Mobile Test easily. Also, it has an intuitive administration panel that allows you to start the customization easily for the appearance, style, layout and many more.