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How to Make an Online Survey in WordPress by Using Polldaddy

How to Make an Online Survey in WordPress by Using Polldaddy

Online survey is a great method to help you know visitors thoroughly thereby improving website in an effective way. Only if a reader feels free to express an option, he is willing to let you know their needs very well and give some useful suggestions to promote your business. In this case, making an online survey becomes a trend for webmasters who wish to break new ground in business promotion.

Given that many readers are looking for an effective way to this end, we make this guide on how to make an online survey in WordPress by using Polldaddy Polls & Ratings plugin. Thanks to the usability of this popular plugin, there is no need to pay much effort to take a good use of it. And now, let’s install Polldaddy Polls & Ratings plugin at first and then get the ball rolling.

Install & Activate Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

The selected plugin, Polldaddy Polls & Ratings, is a rich-featured survey plugin designed for the display of polls and ratings. It clearly shows the feedbacks of visitors on the web page so as to analyze your website in an accurate way. Undoubtedly, it is a solid option to make an online survey. So far, this plugin has been downloaded over 772,000 times, which is in great demand indeed.

polldaddy polls & ratings plugin

For some users concerning more about the appearance of a survey, polldaddy enables 20 different styles to this end. If you are not satisfied with the given styles, then you can create a custom style according to personal needs.

And now, let’s get started to install this plugin via WordPress admin. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Polldaddy Polls & Ratings to get a result as below. “Install Now” and then activate it according to usual practice.

install polldaddy polls & ratings plugin

Having the installation and activation done, an item called Feedback appears in the sidebar and this is where to set about making an online survey. Click Feedback and access to Polldaddy Polls page, which asks you to login at first. If you don’t have an account on Polldaddy, then you are required to sign up an account on

In this guide, the pitch on is the free plan. Enter the email address, username and password for your new account and then click “Sign Up” to confirm all information. And then, you will receive an email that includes a link to “Account Activation” page. Click it and then “Sign in to Polldaddy”.

Since everything gets ready, click “plugin settings page” to go to the next page and access to the account page by clicking “account page”. Make sure that you have logged into Polldaddy with your account.

polldaddy polls login

The account page includes your account information and personal details. Scroll down the page and focus on the Polldaddy API Keys mode. Enter your website name in the API Key Name field and click “Generate API Key” to acquire your API key.

generate api key name

Since you have generated a new API key, you need to go back to WordPress dashboard > Feedback > plugin settings page and copy & paste the newly created API key to the “ API Key” field. Click “Link Account” to get it started.

copy and paste api key

Set Up Polldaddy Polls & Ratings General Settings

There are two items called Polls and Ratings are newly included in the Settings page. The “Default poll settings” enables a list of general settings for users. You can select a suitable poll style, set repeat voting, limit block expiration, and modify something else to customize each poll.

default poll settings

The “Rating Settings” is where to set the locations of each rating snippet. This plugin allows you to add ratings to certain posts, pages or comments and determine the specific locations to show those ratings. “Save Changes” to confirm all settings.

rating settings page

Make an Online Survey in WordPress

After confirming all general settings in the previous steps, you need to set about making an online survey on your WordPress website. Go to Feedback > Polls and click “Create a Poll Now” button to access to the “Add New Poll” page.

There are two sections available for you to create and customize your survey, including Answers and Poll Style. First of all, you are required to raise a question, and that can be come with an image, audio or video. And then, enter as many answers as needed in the “Answers” mode, which can also be along with an image, audio or video. Note that, the question and answers should be disputable enough to arouse visitors’ interests.

For example, since we are running a WordPress web hosting resource website, then we plan to pose a question as “Who is the best WordPress web hosting provider?” and then enable three answers for the readers to choose from, including InMotion Hosting, BlueHost, and HostGator. To make the survey vivid and eye-catching, we suggest you to add an image or other media files to this poll.

add new question and answers

Since your first question has been put forward, you need to select a poll style from 20 options via the Polldaddy Styles mode. The pitch on of our website is Skull Light. Besides, you can choose a proper size from three options, including Wide, Medium and Narrow, which should match up the web design.

polldaddy styles

There are several general settings included in the column on the right page, which enable you to set the limit of answers, results display, repeat voting and comments. Once having all settings done, you need to click “Save Poll” button to make this poll into effect. And then, a WordPress shortcode is generated automatically since you confirm all changes.

poll wordpress shortcode

You can click “Embed Poll in New Post” to insert the shortcode into a new post. However, if you wish to embed the generated shortcode into an existing post, you are required to copy & paste it to the targeted location. Note that, the shortcode also applies to all pages on your website. “Publish” the post and check if the online survey works well for your site.

embed shortcode to new post

Go to Feedback > Polls where list all polls you have created just now. You are able to edit, close, preview or close the newly created polls if needed. The “Embed & Link” option shows you the WordPress shortcode for this poll as well as the short URLs good for some social networking platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

polldaddy polls list

Since WordPress shortcode only comes into effect in certain posts or pages, you can make the online surveys public in more places by inserting the short URL into certain locations. The survey linked through the short URL should be like the following screenshot, which integrates with social media marketing for better website promotion.

polldaddy short url

Now, it’s time to show your capabilities of making an online survey. Enable this great plugin for your website and take a good use of all advanced features to make your first online survey as absorbing as possible. If you wish to get more recommendations for the same purpose, you can turn to other survey plugins like WP-Poll, YOP Poll, Social Polls by OpinionStage, and so on. All those options can help you reach the target with ease.