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How to Make Money with Google Adsense - Great Platform for Profit Generation

How to Make Money with Google Adsense – Great Platform for Profit Generation

Making money online has become a trend among Internet users due to its convenience and high profits, so we have introduced you a lot of methods for online monetization previously, among which the utilization of Google Adsense is the best way recommended by us. This is a great program offered by Google, allowing webmasters to get a commission by advertising. All the ads placed on the website is carefully selected from its advertisement pool according to your main content, making sure that these advertisements can suit the needs of your readers perfectly.

Without doubt, Google Adsense is an amazing program for you to generate profit from your website. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to make money with Google Adsense and how to maximize its function with some simple tricks.

Get Google Adsense Approved

As the online fraud has become more and more serious nowadays, Google Adsense focuses on the safe and security greatly. Therefore, you need to go through a strict verification process to certify that you are not an online swindler. After that, you can get the Adsense account and use this platform freely.

To do this, you firstly need to enter this page for account application, and then click the Get Started Now button. As this is a Google service, you need to use your Google account to continue the process.

choose Google account

The next step is to tell Google something about your website, including your website URL and content language. Note that the URL needs to be your primary one.

You can also read the Terms & Conditions of Google Adsense in this page. We highly suggest you to learn these policies carefully before clicking the Continue button.

website information

The last step is to submit an application. This step requires you to enter your contact information in detail, including your county, time zone, street address, city, town, and phone number. The account types include two options of individual and business, so you’d better choose one based on your real situation as your selection influences the tax and payment form. In addition, the Payee name needs to be the exact one of your bank account, and cannot be changed later. Upon finishing, simply click the Submit My Application button.

submit application

After submitting your application, you cannot get your account activated immediately, but need to wait for Google to check your information and review your website. This process may need a few days, so you’d better be patient.

Create the Advertisements

To get the needed ads coding, you firstly need to create the advertisements. After signing to your Adsense account, you can find the My Ads tab in the navigation bar of the homepage. Simply click it and then hit on the buttons of Ad Unit and +New Ad Unit.

create ad unit

Then, you need to configure your newly-created ad unit based on your needs, including the name, size, type, backup, channels, and style.

ad unit information

  1. Ad Name – This can be decided by you freely, but we still suggest you to use a standard format for all your ad units for better management.
  2. Size – This factor needs to be suitable for your overall website design.
  3. Type – Google Adsense allows you to display ads in text, image, rich media, flash, link and many more. You simply need to choose the best options you like.
  4. Backup – You can choose among image, link, and color for your backup ads when no suitable ads available on your site.
  5. Style – The ad style includes font face and size, color, corner placement, and many more. You’d better choose one that can match your site the best.

Then, you simply need to click the Save And Get Code button. Google Adsense can generate the ads coding automatically that can be pasted to any webpage of theme file of your website. After saving the settings, the advertisements can appear on your website within a few minutes.

Get Paid Easily

Now, you can leave the advertisements away from your mind, for Google Adsense can do all the tasks for you to promise you the highest profits. In addition, you readers can never feel annoyed about the ads on your site as all of these ads simply present the information they want. Therefore, you only need to keep your website running properly, coming with the quality posts updated regularly to keep traffic.

Special Tips

special tipsHere, we’d like to tell you some special tips shared by our editors who have utilized Google Adsense for a long time. According to their experience, the prophase of the earnings may not be able to satisfy you. Thus, you need to make some experiments by modifying the appearance and placement of your ads to figure out the best effect. After all, the ads contents are selected by Google Adsense systematically to ensure the relevancy between the ad itself and your readers, so the only reason that you cannot get paid well may be the design and placement of your ads.

If you still cannot get enough commission after experimenting for a long period of time, then you’d better check your website traffic to analyze whether your site is popular enough to attract a lot of readers.