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How to Make Google Plus Page for Business and Website Promotion

How to Make Google Plus Page for Business and Website Promotion

Google Plus is a widely-utilized social platform that is supporting hundreds of millions of active users all over the world. With it, you are allowed to share interesting images, contact with your friends, hangout with new acquaintances, and post meaningful words. Besides that, this social media also provides you with a highlighted feature of Google Plus page that is beneficial for the promotion of your website or online business. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to make Google Plus page and why it is useful.

What Benefits can This Page Bring to You

Generally, you can get more Google Plus followers if the majority of your posts are about funny pictures or useful sharing. This can undoubtedly bring you more watching, but also blur your main focus greatly. After all, you need to collect the attractive resources from any fields for follower base expansion, making it hard to concentrate on the marketing of your business or personal website. If you start promoting, your followers may doubt about your professionalism as you have posted a variety of irrelevant information on your account.

Creating a Google Plus page, however, can ease this kind of embarrassment effectively. The page is attached with your account, but can bring you a totally new space for special marketing. This means you can publish the information that is exclusively related to your business, and in the meanwhile, enjoy the great popularity of your Google Plus account.

Honestly speaking, the page can create a brand image for you, coming with the profile, logo, brand name, online address, and related information. Apart from that, you can also make use of its in-built integration of Page Insights and Google Analytics to better track the traffic of the page and your website.

Google Plus Page

Create a Google Plus Page

The prerequisite of creating a Google plus page is that you have already taken part in the Google Plus community. After logging in, you can notice your account profile in the right-up corner of the homepage. Simply click your head portrait and hit on All You Google+ Pages. You can also get to here by clicking the Pages tab from the left column. The new page directed simply presents all the pages created by you. If you need a new one, you can click the Get Your Page button in the right hand.

get new page

Now, you are in front of three large types of the business page. They are Storefront that is suited for some physical stores or hotels, Service Area that is suitable for service offering or delivery, and Brand that is mainly for products. Here, you can choose the option based on your real situation.

create page

Then, you are allowed to create your Google Plus page by entering the page name and the URL of your website. Also, you need to choose the page types among product, entertainment, brand, and community. This can help Google Plus achieve a better page categorization, which in turn brings benefits for your page popularity. After agreeing with the Pages Terms, simply click the Create Page button. Note that this is for Brand page type. If you choose the other two business types, you also need to locate your store from Google Map.

After that, you have created your Google Plus page successfully.

Modify the Page

The first time you enter your new page, you can be taught with tour learning, requiring you to complete your profile and publish business related posts, and telling you how to switch between your page and your Google Plus account. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to edit your page to finish your page profile.

edit page

This part includes four sections – People, Story, Contact information, and Links. You can ignore the first section as you can add and delete your followers latter. The contact information allows you to add your email address and the link part allows you to add your website address. Note that these two parts need to be 100% correct.

In terms of the story section, you need to come out brief introductions that can summarize your business perfectly with the best keywords. In addition, you’d better enter all the tags that are related to your business. This achieves the similar function as Twitter hashtags that is beneficial for people to find your page.

Besides that, you can also replace the profile photo with your business logo, and the cover photo with the image that is related to your business.