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How to Limit Login Attempts to Protect WordPress From Admin

How to Limit Login Attempts to Protect WordPress From Admin

It is a common fact that WordPress users might have to face brutal attacks on its blogs and websites. Therefore, it is important to provide ultimate protection to the websites by utilizing some online security techniques, among which the limiting of the invalid login attempts for accessing IP databases and URLs is introduced in below.

You can make use of several methods when it comes to limiting the attempts of logins into the WordPress accounts. Among these methods, you can use related WordPress plugins for preventing the hackers from accessing your WordPress sites and blogs without your permissions. By reading this article, you can know how to limit login attempt in order to protect your WordPress websites from admin.

Why You Need to Limit Login Attempts?

Limit LoginThere are times when hackers think that they are aware of your WordPress account in terms of the username and password. If this is the case, then you need to limit the login attempts. When you carry out this process, it can lock out the unwanted people if they have entered the wrong passwords more than the particular times. This way, they can be locked out for a specified amount of time.

The process of limiting the login attempts can assist you in controlling the settings from administration panel. It can also let you observe how many people are attempting to hack your websites. In case you see the same IP address making access to your websites, then you can simply ban that address.

How to Limit Login?

Here, we have to mention the importance of a strong password. After all, the observation of brutal attacks can be achieved by a long and solid password. If you have no idea how to come out such as an excellent result, the password generators can come into hand. In addition to this, it is suggested that you change the username and password of your WordPress administration regularly.

Also, you can limit the access to your account by using several plugins and widgets for your WordPress pages. By using the tools, you can prevent the spammers from attacking your blogs and websites.

The use of variant plugins stops the access attempts by limiting the administration URL with two key ciphers. There are several plugins, which can add additional layer that can be used to prevent you from becoming a victim of spam attacks. Additionally, in case the hacker is making use of automated tools as their ways into your accounts, these useful plugins can fix the problems and limit login attempts.

Among loads of options, we highly recommend Limit Login Attempts. In the following, we’d like to tell you how this plugin can protect your site.

Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts WordPress Plugin

When you use this plugin, you can secure your WordPress websites from the hackers. The most common way for the hackers for gaining access to WordPress is through force password cracking. Several tools are used by the hackers for trying variant usernames and passwords for gaining access to the dashboards of WordPress.

The best way to stop the hackers from attempting to guess the passwords and usernames is to make use of this plugin.

When you install this plugin, you can block the internet address from making attempts after a certain limit of logins. The other important features of this plugin include the fact that it limits the number of retries when it comes to logging in. It also informs people about the retries and the lockout times on the page of login. The plugin provides further options of logging and email notifications too.

Install This Plugin

First of all, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to the option of plugins presented in the left menu panel. Then, click on “Add New” option that appears on the top of the screen.

plugin tab

Next, type “limit login attempts” in the search bar of the upcoming page, and click the search button.

Now, click on the Install Now button after the target result gets displayed on the screen. then, activate this plugin for use.

install and activate

Configure the Plugin

First of all, go to Settings tab presented in the dashboard of WordPress, and then select the option of limit login attempts. Now, you can select the settings right according to your needs. Following is the example of configuration of this plugin.

Note that you can decide the allowed retries, lockout time, cookie login, lockout notification, and many more.


Now, click on the button of Change Options. Now, you are finished with the configuration of WordPress limit login attempts plugin. When someone tries to reach the limit that has been set up by you, the plugin simply fails the login attempts automatically.