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How to Make and Insert a Table in WordPress Post with TablePress

How to Make and Insert a Table in WordPress Post with TablePress

Since table has become an acceptable way for readers to understand a post, TablePress leads to a new way of inserting table in WordPress without using HTML & CSS. That is regarded as one of the greatest writing tips for beginners or webmasters who wish to simplify matters. This plugin is created for the insertion of table so as to explain certain content in a clear manner.

Maybe now, most of you have been charmed by this popular plugin and cannot wait to take a good use of it. To do so, follow this guide on how to make a table in the posts with TablePress.

Install & Activate TablePress on Website

Download TablePress from or, and then upload the zip file to your WP admin. Unzip the loaded file and make it into effect. Another way to have the installation done is doing so via WP admin > Plugins > Add New. Search for TablePress to get a result as below and click “Install Now”. Note that, TablePress should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Install tablePress Plugin

Once activating this plugin, an item called TablePress appears on the sidebar and that is further divided into several options for table customization. In this way, it is easy to import, export and manage all tables as planned.

TablePress Items

Create a Table with TablePress

Go to TablePress > Add New Table and get started to create the first table in your website. That requires you to name this new table properly for the convenience of indexing. It is optional to give the table a brief description for table content, like “This is table it used to explain the service price”. Set the number of rows and columns in your table according to personal needs and then click “Add Table” to confirm all settings.

Add New Table

The Table Content mode shows you the newly created table and this is where to fill out table content in an easy manner. Since you have typed all details in the table, click “Save Changes” and then “Preview” it from website front-end.

Table Content

Exactly as what we’ve done in the previous step, our new table in preview state should be like the following screenshot.

Preview Table

If the pre-set number of rows and columns can no longer satisfy your needs, move to the Table Manipulation mode and this is where to manage the rows & columns in your table with ease. Type any number in the blank and click “Add” button to add as many rows & columns if needed.

What’s more, this plugin allows you to hide or show certain rows & columns by checking the corresponding boxes and then clicking “Hide” or “Show” tag. The “Duplicate”, “Insert” and “Delete” commands can also be in used in the same manner.

Table Manipulation

The Table Options mode includes a list of settings to customize the appearance of a table. That allows you to set the table header and footer as well as make a decision on print table name and description. In addition, more advanced features are included in the “Features of the DataTables JavaScript library”.

Click “Save Changes” to confirm all settings and create as many tables as needed in the same manner. By the way, you are able to import an existing table in WordPress via TablePress > Import a Table or export one via TablePress > Export a Table.

Insert a Table in WordPress Post

Having all tables created, go to TablePress > All Tables and hover over a table name. Click “Show Shortcode” and copy the shortcode shown in the popup. In general, the shortcode for your first table should be [table id=1 /]. Paste this shortcode in any post on your website as planned and that should be like the following sample on website front-end.

TablePress Sample

If there is a large amount of content included this table, you can make a decision how many entries will be displayed or search for an entry with key words. Click any entry in the first row to reverse order freely. The “Edit” redirects you to the edit page of this table in an easy manner.

In addition, there is another way to insert a table in a post. Go to Posts > All Posts and “Edit” any post as needed. Switch to the Visual editor and target the “Insert a Table from TablePress” button from the menu bar. Click it to enter the List of Tables < TablePress window and then insert a table by clicking "Insert Shortcode" button. Insert Table Button