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How to Increase Conversion Rate for Better Website Traffic

How to Increase Conversion Rate for Better Website Traffic

Generating revenue from a website is never an easy task. Even if you manage to bring in remarkable traffic to your website, not all the visitors prefer making online purchase. Therefore, the conversion rate of your website remains of a low level.

As this mainly happens due to the lack of research and proper implementation of several tricks, you should know the most effective ways to improve the conversion rate. If you are thinking how to increase this of your website, you can simply go through this article and follow the discussed ways of improving rate of conversion.

Reasons to Increase Conversion Rate

The reason for increasing conversion rate is straightforward – everyone wants to generate more from the available amount of traffic. Being a website owner, you always search for the methods by which you can improve the rate of sales from the current traffic coming into your website. Increasing conversion rate creates a direct impact on the sales and revenue of your company by causing a remarkable increase in income.

How to Increase Conversion Rate

Impressed by the reasons, you need to follow several methods if you are looking forward to increasing the conversion rate of your website. Although there are tremendous numbers of ways to increase this, we have selected the most convenient and effective ones so that you can follow and implement them without any problem.

A/B Testing

A/B TestingThis is regarded as the most effective technique of improving the conversion rate of a website. Many times, it happens that you are unaware of the reason as to why your website is not able to generate sales. Although A/B testing doesn’t reveal the shortcomings, it provides you with modification in your webpage that can impress your visitors and influence them to make purchases.

This method has been followed only by the big names of the industry in the past due to its high cost. However, the launch of optimized software has provided a great opportunity to every business, irrespective of its scale of operations, to execute the A/B testing method.

Here, all you need to do is to configure the related software to run experiments on your site by rotating several factors of your page such as a special offer, header, Go button and main graphics. The variations are displayed to the live visitors, and the conversion rate of each variation is then displayed to you. Hence, you can get the most effective pattern of your website to improve the conversion rate.

Providing Information

InformationOne of the primary reasons as to why visitors don’t make purchases on your website is the lack of information. The fact is inevitable that customers prefer buying only from the reliable sites or well-known sites with sufficient and accurate information. You can increase your presence and awareness of your website by getting in touch with your visitors. Several things can be done to provide relevant information to your visitors.

You need to add an option such as newsletter sign up or pop-under box so that the visitors can undergo the formalities and receive important updates or information about your website. Moreover, it is also recommended that you need to encourage your visitors to like your official page on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. This is because you can reach out to your visitors and provide them with useful information effectively.

Reliability and Security

With the increasing amount of cyber crime, a prospective customer thinks twice before entering his payment information on the website. Therefore, if you desire to generate sales and increase conversion rate, it is very imperative to create a secured payment structure and gain the trust of your visitors.

Besides implementing some useful security methods introduced in this page, you should also create a secured method of transactions and get it verified by a widely recognized organization such as Norton or BBB. Upon verification, you should not forget to add their logos to your site so that the visitors can know that your site is safe for shopping.

Professional Appearance

Website AppearanceThe fact cannot be denied that your A/B Testing cannot do everything for your website appearance. Being a commercial website, you have to make it look professional without compromising with its performance or interface. Therefore, you need to appoint proper website templates that can provide a professional layout to your website and offer a user-friendly interface to the visitors. You can also look up to your competitor’s design or the big names such as Amazon or Apple to get an idea of a remarkable professional appearance.

Customer Referral and Reviews

Most of the prospective customers are fascinated to check the reviews of existing customers. With existing customers playing such a vital role, you can encourage your clients to write a positive review by providing them with excellent product or service. Also, you can influence them to refer your products or site to their friends on social media. You may give them a $20 gift card or some coupons for all the customers you get through their referrals.


These methods have proved to be very effective in improving the conversion rate of thousands of websites. Therefore, if you are looking forward to increasing your website’s effectiveness, it is time to implement the discussed tips on your website.