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How to Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Website

How to Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Website

Founded in 1996, Alexa ranking is one of the most popular way by which bloggers gauge their popularity online. Alexa ranks blogs that have the Alexa toolbar based on the traffic that goes to the blogs. As a blogger or a businessperson online, you cannot afford to trivialize the importance of Alexa ranking as readers and customers can judge your site quality by checking where you are.

There are several ways that have been devised by site owners to improve Alexa ranking. Below are the top five.

Improve Your Writing

To be ranked highly in Alexa, you need to increase site traffic. This is possible if you improve your writing skills and come out great content that keeps your readers coming back for more. The content has to be unique, new and interesting to the readers.

With great and unique quality, you can find favor with Google and other search engines that in turn increase traffic to your site. As more and more traffic comes to your site, you rank high in Alexa improves.

How Do You Write Great Content?

Great ContentThe first rule in writing great content is researching what your readers want. This can be seen on the comments section or by asking a number of your readers the topics they find interesting. When making decision on the right topic, ensure that you give readers new information.

You should engage your readers by asking rhetorical questions that heighten their suspense urging them to read on. Including relevant examples, using simple and easy to understand words and the use of illustrations for example diagrams are all features of a great post.

Embrace Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the greatest ways to increase traffic to your site. As a blogger, you should write as many guest posts as possible, and allow other bloggers to guest post on your site too. This can increase backlinks to your site that in turn increases the site traffic. Alternatively, you can use the comments sections in other blogs to create links to your site.

Guest Posting

How Do You Start Guest Posting?

To get started on guest posting, you need to search for a blog with content related to yours. Ensure the site is popular and can offer the traffic you need. Write a great post and request to post it on the blog. Ensure that the post follows the first tip – content should be unique and interesting.

After posting, ensure that you follow up your post on the comments section to increase traffic more and improve Alexa ranking.

Post More Often

You should note that the more you post, the more the traffic that goes to your site. Most popular bloggers write posts that occur as a series to ensure that they often post and keep the readers reading. For instance, you may write on how to increase site ranking; you write about Google ranking in one post, Alexa ranking in another and page rank in the next. This way, you can often post and engage your readers.

How Do You Ensure That You Often Post?

The best way to post often is to promise your readers something. For instance, you may promise to post about something in saying two days. This keeps you striving to post as promised. You should always have time set aside for your blog.

Increase Your Social Sites Presence

Social Sites PresenceResearch shows that social media account for about 40% of website traffic. This means that to succeed in Alexa ranking, you must regularly post on social media and create links back to your site. You can grow your social media following by having great posts, sponsoring your posts and your page and by regularly posting. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among the most popular sites.

How to Use Social Media to improve Alexa Ranking?

The trick here is to have traffic from social media to your site. A great way to do this is to have an account with any of the social media platforms and post useful content regularly. You should also create social media buttons on your site and encourage your readers to share your content on their social media accounts.

Install Alexa Toolbar and Widget

You should have an Alexa widget that shows your progress on Alexa. To get started, register your site on and use the code given to creating a widget. The widget communicates with Alexa about the traffic that goes to your blog site.

You should also download and install the Alexa Toolbar on your site to manage the stats and improve where need be. With this widget, you can know which method works best for your site in relation to Alexa ranking and which you need to sideline.

Alexa Toolbar


Alexa ranking is independent of SERP ranking. Bloggers should try out as many methods to increase their rank as possible as some works well and some don’t. The higher you are ranked on Alexa, the more popular you can be as a blogger, and this undoubtedly increase your chances of landing gigs online.