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How to Get More Twitter Followers - Useful Tips in Expanding Your Follower Base

How to Get More Twitter Followers – Useful Tips in Expanding Your Follower Base

twitter followersTwitter, a micro-blogging service and online social networking, enables people to share messages – here we call them tweets -with more ease and more enjoyment at the same time. People use Twitter out of various purposes – some make friends on Twitter, some promote business on Twitter, while others increase their influences on Twitter. Whatever the intention is, however, all of the Twitter users need to gain more attention from others and expand their follower bases so as to bring more traffic to their linked websites.

Actually, in spite of adding a Twitter follow button on your website, there are more things you need to do to get more Twitter followers. What follows are some useful tips on how to get more Twitter followers.

Work on the Tweet

The content of the tweet is a crucial element to gain more followers to your Twitter. Below are several useful tips that you should know.

Firstly, the tweet you post should be valuable enough to be retweeted. You should try to create unique and attracting tweets that are able to pique people’s interests as less characters as possible, for the utmost characters you can post each time is 140. Here is an extremely useful suggestion. That is, asking questions about hot issues. For instance, during the World Cup, you can ask “which football player do you like the best?” or “which team do you think is going to win the game?” on your Twitter.

twitter content

Secondly, you need to distribute contents often. No Twitter users want to make contact with people who seldom or never share content with them. After all, people tweet on Twitter because they can communicate with each other and get valuable information here. When we say create contents often, we don’t mean that you need to share tweets again and again in a day. Generally, posting two tweets a day works the best. In addition, we sincerely recommend you to share tweets around 9 a.m., 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., which are considered as the peak hours.

Moreover, you can also learn how to make a Twitter card and how to add a twitter tweet button to showcase your content effectively on Twitter.

Work on the Images

Working on every image on your Twitter is of great importance in expanding your follower base.

work on images

Avatar – first of all, you need to select a nice avatar for yourself. Never underestimate the importance of this small image. It is the avatar that gives others the first impression on you. If your avatar looks unprofessional and lacks attraction, how could you expect them to follow you?

Cover image – this is another image that you cannot ignore. It is better for you to make use of an eye-catching and creative cover image that best represents your Twitter homepage or your brand. We have to point out that the cover photo should not be too complex or hard-to-understand. Just make it simple and representative.

Images in your tweets – you need to choose the images that are posted with your textual contents with care. Note that most people like to look at pictures, it is necessary for you to add an appealing image to catch other Twitter users’ eyes. Sometimes you can even simply post an attracting picture without textual description if you have nothing to say.

Work on the Interaction with Other Twitter Users

Always remember that traffic is increased in the interaction with other Twitter users. There are some helpful tips on how to interact with people on Twitter in the following.

follow other twitter users

Follow everyone you like. Anytime you see a tweet that interests you, you can view more contents of that Twitter user and follow him. Although not everyone you follow is going to follow you back, some of them will do. Also, we strongly recommend you to follow some popular twitters accounts like those of some celebrities. In addition, if you find anyone follows you, be sure to follow him back.

Be generous to others’ tweets. Once you find a creative and interesting tweet, please be generous to give your praise or even retweet it, especially that of a famous Twitter user’s. By doing this, people are able to learn that you have the same interest with them. As a result, they are more likely to follow your account and expect more interesting tweets from you. More importantly, you can make yourself accessible to many more people and expand your influence.