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How to Get More Followers on Facebook - Tips Helping You Be Popular in Facebook

How to Get More Followers on Facebook – Tips Helping You Be Popular in Facebook

As Facebook is a large and popular social platform online that has been used by numerable webmasters for website promotion, we have come out a series of related tutorials helping you attaching your website with Facebook tightly, such as adding Facebook buttons, integrating Facebook embedded posts, and attaching Facebook comment box.

In fact, if you are going to use Facebook to better market your website, the only prerequisite is that you have a large follower base. Otherwise, no matter how many quality posts you have published on Facebook for your website, your effort can be in vain for no one knows. In this case, we have listed some useful tips telling you how to get more followers on Facebook with ease.

Complete Your Profile Strategically

The Facebook profile can be regarded as an online self-introduction, so you have to make it as complete and detailed as possible. After all, no one wants to follow a person whose information is not clear. You can enter the related page by clicking the Edit Profile button that is located at the left-top corner of the homepage.

There are nine main parts contributing to your profile, including your experience of work and education, geographical location, personal information, relationship status, family members, contact information, self-summary, important events in your life, and your loving quotations.

In fact, all of these can help people get familiar with you easily, so you need to fill them out strategically. Generally, Facebook is used for the contacts among friends, relatives, classmates, and colleagues, so this platform does not allow the fake identity. This means you need to enter your real information, otherwise Facebook may stop your account as a penalty.

Besides, you can enter your website information into your profile. For instance, in the contact information part, there is a website option allowing you to enter the URL of your site. In addition, you can try your best to identify yourself as an expert, for this identity is more convincing, making follower expansion an easy task.

followers vs professionalism

Find Friends

You can find friends or acquaintances by entering your hometown, current city, school, college, or company. The process is pretty easy. You only need to find your targets and then invite them to be your Facebook contacts.

Here, we have to mention that you can never follow a person that you do not know proactively. Always bear in mind that Facebook is a platform for friend communication. If you follow people randomly, Facebook may penalize you in the future. However, you can follow the accounts that follow you firstly.

Be Active

be activeYou have to try your best to make people realize and notice your existence. The most effective method to do this is to like, share, and comment some hot posts within your niche. You can collect some popular Facebook accounts and keep an eye on their activities. Whenever they update with new posts, you can show your favorite on the words and leave some useful comments.

Here, the comment is pretty important. If you have left something meaningful, then you are very likely to pick the attention of other Facebook users within the same field as you are. Note that they are your potential followers, so you’d better leave some attractive comments that can arouse people’s interest effectively. Even, you can leave a question or the opposite opinion to launch a debate and discussion.

Focus on the Post

Publishing interesting posts can not only attract new followers but also retain your existing followers. You can find some trending and popular topics online, and publish the related information or your own opinions. Besides, you need to share your posts published on your site to achieve your purpose of website marketing. If you feel time-consuming to do this manually, then you can automate the publishing from your website to Facebook using some powerful tools such as Facebook Auto Publish.

Note that the more posts you have published, the more followers you can get. Thus, simply do this persistently.

followers vs post numbers

Get Followers from Your Site

In addition to attracting followers from Facebook, you can also do this from your website, turning your website visitors into your Facebook followers. This requires you to build up a solid network between the two places, and adding a Facebook like button to your site is one of the most effective methods. After all, the majority of people are unwilling to leave comments deliberately, so clicking the like button is preferred by them to show their appreciations on your words. Besides, if you bundle the share option with this button, then people who like your post simply reshare your words automatically in their Facebook account, displaying your website content to a wide range of Facebook users.