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How to Fix Joomla Could Not Instantiate Mail Function Error

How to Fix Joomla Could Not Instantiate Mail Function Error

The main reason that may lead to the Joomla Could Not Instantiate Mail Function error is the lacking of support for php mail function. Therefore, once this error happens, the first thing you need to do is to ask the support team of your web host to figure out whether this function is included into your web server. If the answer is No, you can resort to other mail settings offered by Joomla to resolve this issue. By default, Joomla also allows the utilization of Sendmail and SMTP in addition to php mail function. Simply read the following part to learn how to change to other Joomla mailers.

Use Joomla Sendmail Function

First of all, you need to find your Joomla Mail Settings to change the Mailer among PHP Mail, Sendmail and SMTP. For this, you should log into your Joomla dashboard and click the Global Configuration from the left-hand column. Or, click the System tab and choose the Global Configuration option in the drop-down menu.

Global Configuration

Next, click Server button and find the Mail Settings from the right-bottom of the page.

Server Settings

Here, you should firstly make sure that the “send mail” function is enabled. Then, choose the Sendmail option from the Mailer drop-down.

Sendmail Settings

As you can see from the screenshot, the utilization of Sendmail requires you to enter the information of “from email”, ”from name” and “Sendmail path”. The first two options are your email account and your website name. The last option should be known by contacting your Joomla hosting.

If you haven’t created an email on your web host, you now need to go to your control panel and find the Email Accounts icon under the Mail tab. From the new window, you can decide your email address, password and mailbox quota. Once finishing, you can click the Create Account button. The process might not be the same from different web hosts, but you can ask for the technical support to create your email.

Create Email Account

Here, you also need to confirm that your domain name is added into the Sendmail file and Sendmail path by your hosting provider.

After ensuring that all the information is correctly, you can click the Save button and send a testing email.

Use Joomla SMTP Function

If you want to use the SMTP function, simply go through the same procedure as the utilization of Sendmail. Besides the above-mentioned settings, you also need to offer the information of SMTP security between SSL and TLS, SMTP port, SMTP username, SMTP password and SMTP Host.

SMTP Settings

Here, you can ask your web host to know about the first three options. As for the 4th and 5th option, they are the username and password of your email account. Here, you need to determine your SMTP Host as “localhost”, and do not forget to turn on the SMTP authentication. Once done, you simply need to save the settings.