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How to Fix Broken Links Using Advanced Link Checkers

How to Fix Broken Links Using Advanced Link Checkers

The fact cannot be denied that people hate to see “Error 404, Page Not Found” message while digging into a website. From the website owner’s point of view, broken links are one of the most embarrassing things. Broken link not only hampers the interest of a visitor but also affects in the SEO of the website. The problem of broken link mainly happens while your website moves to a new domain. However, you can fix broken links on your website through various techniques.

In this article, we’d like to discuss the methods to fix broken links using some advanced link checking tools available in the online store.

Reasons to Fix Broken Links

The primary reason for fixing broken links is to keep the visitors impressed. Survey highlights the fact that the probability of a visitor to re-visit a website after being disappointed is negligible. With the existence of high competition among websites, visitors don’t mind to switch over to your competitor’s website if you disappoint them with broken links. Also, broken links create a bad impact on the SEO of your website, especially if the link is an internal link to your website.

Tools to Fix Broken Links

There are tremendous numbers of tools available in the online store that check the broken links and provide assistance in fixing these links. Therefore, if you feel that you need to check you website’s links, you can use any of the following tools.

W3C Link Checker

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W3C Link CheckerThis is a free tool that checks various websites for broken links in an advanced way. Web documents, as well as complete content presented on your website are checked by this checker.

When it comes to features, this tool provides multi-threaded checking of the site and site crawling. It is a versatile platform that presents you with the support for many things such as cookie support, HTML5 and proxy support. Also, it renders plugin support for custom page checks on your WordPress site.

Dead Link Checker

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Dead Link CheckerDead Link Checker is a powerful tool that doesn’t demand you to pay the price for checking broken links. In fact, you can simply check your website for broken links online, without downloading the tool.

This tool identifies all the links that are good for your site and mark the ones that are not so supportive. It renders remarkable assistance in keeping your site updated and free from broken links. Overall, it is an effective tool if you just want to detect the broken links on your site.

Broken Link Checker

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Broken Link CheckBroken link checker is one of the most effective and powerful tools for WordPress, which checks and fixes broken links on your website. This tool keeps a track of your blog and informs you about any broken links as soon as it is discovered. The areas covered by broken link checker involve the monitoring of posts, blogroll, comments and custom fields.

When it comes to the features, the Broken Link Checker detects all the links on your website that don’t work or on the pages where images are missing. It redirects and fixes the issues upon detection. Being a webmaster, this tool notifies you through the Dashboard or via email. You can also edit the links directly from the plugin page without involving the need for manual updates.

This tool renders a highly configurable interface where you can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and similar factors. Overall, Broken Link Checker is a highly effective tool that executes all the tasks related to a broken link on your website.

Fix Broken Link with Broken Link Checker

You can go for the official site of this tool to check and fix the broken links on-site by simply entering your page URL. However, if you want to do this from your WordPress dashboard, then you can also make use of this WordPress Broken link Checker plugin.

The process starts with the installation and activation of the plugin on your WordPress site. After activating the plugin, the plugin starts parsing the posts, bookmarks and content available in your site to find the links. The time involved in completing this process solely depends upon the size of your site.

broken links option

Upon parsing, the plugin begins with the checking process, identifying whether all the links are working properly. The time taken by the plugin to complete this step also depends on the number of links and the size of your WordPress site. However, you can check the progress of the plugin by going to the Link Checker option available in the Settings file.

All the broken links in your website are displayed in a fresh tab of the Broken Links section. The plugin notifies you about it through the dashboard. You can find the broken links and add new filters to the tool by selecting the “Create Custom Filter” button. Every broken link comes with various options that include the Edit URL, Unlink, Not Broken and Dismiss options.

broken link checks

You can change the URL of a broken link by choosing the Edit URL option. The Unlink option removes the link from your website but doesn’t delete its text. The Not Broken options marks a broken link as normal whereas the Dismiss option completely hides the link so that the link can be seen as a normal link.


Overall, it can be concluded that it is very important to use the above-mentioned tools in your website. As a matter of fact, it is recommendable to use the tool effectively at least once in every six months to detect and fix broken links.