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Why and How to Delete Revisions in WordPress Site

Why and How to Delete Revisions in WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most popular and leading platforms for building websites and blogs on the internet world. It is used by millions of individuals, groups and corporate organizations for the fulfillment of various personal, organizational or charitable goals.

With content being an inevitable part of every site, webmasters post creative content on their websites or blogs. However, these posts require a couple of revisions in order to be regarded as flawless. These revisions take up space in the database; so many webmasters desire to delete it. As the majority of newbie don’t have a clear idea of how to delete revisions in WordPress, the procedure has been discussed here.

Importance and Benefits

delete revisions benefitsBefore learning the procedure of how to delete revisions in WordPress, it is imperative to know its importance and benefits. The revisions take a lot of space in the database when the blog contains lots of posts. For instance, if a website has 300 posts and every post has ten revisions on an average, then total number of revisions stored in the database is 3000. These revisions are hardly required by the website or the user. Hence, clearing or deleting these revisions creates space in the database that ultimately results in better performance of the website.

In addition to this, the website performs better due to the improvement in its loading speed. However, it is a controversial matter because many experts come up with the view that deletion of reviews doesn’t bring any change to the website’s performance because the database does not retrieve the revisions. Overall, some positive effects are experienced by the website webmasters by deleting the revisions in WordPress sites.

How to Delete Revisions in WordPress

How to Delete RevisionsAvailable in the market are tremendous numbers of plugins and tools that facilitates the deletion of post revisions in WordPress sites. With the presence of tons of plugins, it is essential to choose an effective plugin in order to free up space in the database.

Some of the most efficient plugins for the deletion of post revisions in WordPress are Better Delete Revision, Revision Cleaner and Revision Control. As the functionality of all the plugins is somewhat similar, the complete procedure of download, installation, and configuration is of no big difference that has been discussed in this page. In terms of configuration, we’d like to take Better Delete Revision as an example, following are the steps that can surely help a webmaster in cleaning up post revisions successfully.

Better Delete Revision

Better Delete RevisionBetter Delete Revision is a plugin for websites running on WordPress. It is an efficient tool that deletes the useless posts from the website and erases other related information such as meta information, tags, and relationships, etc. presented in the database. Delete Revision is the initial version of this plugin, which gradually increased with the frequency of features and advancements. As a result, the plugin has become very powerful and has been named “Better Delete Revision”. Presently, it is compatible with various recently-developed versions of WordPress like WordPress version (3.x).

The plugin is SEO-friendly and takes care of optimization issues of the WordPress database. Proper optimization of a website involves that removal of old revisions that makes a website lighter and quicker to load.

The Better Delete Revision is an easy to download, activate and use the plugin. There is a systematic procedure to use this plugin for WordPress successfully. The process starts with the download of the plugin on the desktop, uploading on the WordPress site and the activation through the admin panel.

When activated, a new option becomes available in the Settings tab. Visiting the Options tab takes the webmaster to a new page that highlights the numbers of pages that has been successfully deleted by the webmaster by using the plugin. Presented on this page is an option to check the post revisions that can be deleted. The page also highlights the option to optimize the database.

Better Delete Revision Manager

Selection of tab depends upon the need of the website and the preference of the administrator.

Choosing the “Check Revision Posts” displays the full list of the available post revisions that can be deleted. The page also has a tab to delete the posts from the database. On the other hand, choosing the “Optimize Your Database” tab checks the status and saved revisions of all posts and displays whether it needs some changes.

optimize database

Therefore, the Better Delete Revision is a proper platform that can be used to check the statistics of a WordPress site and to delete the excess posts revisions to free up space in the directory. The customizations can be made in a few easy steps through the Settings page of the installed plugin.

Configuration of the plugin is completely convenient, just like every other plugin for WordPress sites. Overall, it is a powerful tool that lets the users free up their space in the database in order to enhance the performance of their website and to speed up WordPress by deleting excess post revisions.