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How to Customize WordPress Sidebar - Add Image, Navigation, and Link

How to Customize WordPress Sidebar – Add Image, Navigation, and Link

One of the best things about WordPress is that it allows you to customize so many things so that you can literally do everything without even knowing about CSS codes, HTML, or PHP. One of the best features of WordPress is the sidebar, which allows the users to insert images, advertising banners, calendar and many more widgets, which might enhance the overall look of that page. Many webmasters choose to use an adorable WordPress theme that is highly customizable for sidebar modification. Here, we’d like to tell you how to customize WordPress sidebar using some widgets that are absolutely free of cost and easy to use.

Widgets for Inserting Images in Sidebar

Image Widget


Image WidgetThis widget is really useful for displaying images of your choice in the sidebar. With the help of this tool, you can simply resize the image, and adjust its height and width. If you want to showcase your image as an author in the sidebar, then this widget is the best for you. The installation and activation are pretty easy, and there is no modification required once you activate the widget. Just place this widget in the sidebar area accordingly, and upload an image.

Lazy K Gallery WordPress Plugin


Lazy K GalleryThis plugin is similar to the Image Widget, but it allows you to display a gallery in the sidebar area. This plugin is extremely easy to use and very user friendly. You can simply install it from the plugin -> add new section. After installing it, just activate the plugin, and then you can start uploading pictures.

Widgets for Inserting Links in WordPress Sidebar

The best way to insert links in WordPress sidebar is the TEXT widget, which gives you the authority to insert any code within the sidebar area. This can be done by dragging the TEXT widget from Widgets area, which can be found under the Appearance tab. After you have dragged down the TEXT widget, just paste the link inside this widget and apply the changes. TEXT widget is also used in displaying banner ads and Google ads too. This widget is extremely easy and you can easily insert any type of codes inside this widget.

TEXT widget

Widgets for Inserting Navigation in WordPress Sidebar

The existence of the navigation system in WordPress sidebar is really crucial, because it allows the visitors to easily navigate through the entire website. Also, it increases the chance for which a particular visitor remains active on your website. It’s imperative that a friendly navigation should be implemented in every blog/website.

There are various widgets available for achieving this goal, and one of the most wide-used one is Recent Posts Widget. This widget displays the recent posts that you have published. It ensures that your visitors can easily view the titles of those posts, which you have posted recently.

Recent Posts Widget


Recent Posts Widget

WordPress Popular Posts Widget


Popular Posts WidgetThis widget is also very famous among WordPress users. This widget displays the most popular posts on your blog. The parameter of being popular is judged by which post is getting more viewers. So, if a particular post is getting more views than other posts, then it can be rank higher in the most popular post widget. Viewers generally love to read those posts, which are popular among other visitors.

Blog Roll


Blog RollThe Blog Roll generally divides your entire blog and allows the visitors to check your post based on the writing and publishing date. So, it basically creates tabs for all the months, and when a user is clicking on a particular month, then it showcases all those posts, which are written in that particular month. This plugin is also very helpful, because it generates a curiosity among visitors to see your past work.