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How to Customize WordPress Admin for Better Back-End Design

How to Customize WordPress Admin for Better Back-End Design

WordPress is the leading platform for website and blog building on the internet world. With one in every six websites running on WordPress, it is the preference of the majority of developers as well as website owners. There are tremendous numbers of customizations that are allowed by WordPress for its users in enhancing the performance and appearance of their website, such as the login page customization.

However, when it comes to the back-end design and its customization, WordPress disappoints the administrators to some extent. Many experienced developers have been using WordPress for years but don’t get modifications in the back-end design from WordPress. In this case, there are several ways introduced to customize WordPress admin panel easily.

What is the WordPress Admin Panel?

modern adminEvery WordPress website has a series of settings and customizations that are only controllable by the owner of the website or blog. The admin panel can only be accessed by the individuals who have the login details of the website. Now, although there are many features, settings and customization options in the admin panel, WordPress prefers not to change its back-end design.

The leading website platform considers that the essence of a simplified admin panel is better than a complex panel. Hence, customization of the admin panel is merely a personal choice rather than an implemented feature. There are several reasons and benefits as to why people choose to customize WordPress admin panel.

Benefits of Customizing WordPress Admin Panel

Although the customization of the admin panel of a website that runs on WordPress doesn’t bring many benefits to the users, there are a couple things that attract the users to install and customize admin of a WordPress site. The primary motive of creating or customizing WordPress admin panel is to enhance its appearance. The users are bored of using the same admin and hence, prefer a customized WordPress admin panel to enjoy some changes. For instance, a website owner can customize the WordPress admin panel in order to experience a new design and back-end view.

How to Customize WordPress Admin

There are several ways of customizing the admin panel of a WordPress site. The most effective and attractive part of the customization procedure is that the need for coding is not necessary. The webmasters can customize WordPress admin panel by choosing and installing a plugin from the list of the available plugins for WordPress on the internet. Below are two of the most popular ones.

WP Admin UI Customize

WP Admin UI Customize is one of the most powerful tools available for customizing the back-end design of a WordPress admin. There are a tremendous number of features in this plugin that are offered to the users of this plugin for WordPress websites. Being a plugin that facilitates customization of the admin panel, it allows the users to customize the login screen, dashboard, output-meta site, the admin bar, admin menu, meta boxes and options tab, etc.

WP Admin UI Customize

To enjoy the features and advantages of this plugin, it is essential to install it on the WordPress blog. For the installation of this tool, users should download the plugin from the internet and upload the file to the website’s directory. Then, users can go to “Plugins” menu and choose the “Activate” option for plugin activation. Doing this can add a “WP Admin UI Customize” tab on the admin panel of the WordPress site. Now, it can be customized manually by following the steps discussed here.

Customization starts with the division of areas into sections and the selection of a section, for instance, the Admin Bar. To customize WordPress admin bar, visit the “Admin Bar Menu” and toggle through the list of preferences.

Admin Bar Menu

The webmasters can choose to change the position and the name of the options available on the different parts of the screen. Options are available to modify the position, as well as remove and add new options to the admin bar through this menu.

In addition to this, general settings of the admin panel can be customized by going to the “General Screen Settings” panel and checking the options in the available customizable preferences. Similarly, changes can be made in other offerings by visiting the respective name in the admin WP Admin UI Customize menu.

General Screen Settings

AG Custom Admin

It is another efficient plugin for the customization of the admin panel of the websites running on WordPress. Compatible with all WordPress options higher than version 3.0, AG Custom Admin contains many things that are liked and appreciated by its users. Overall, it is a one stop solution for the customization of various things that jointly include the admin panel. It includes customization of the admin panel, login page, admin menu and admin bar by activating some responsive admin themes. The installation procedure of this plugin is same as the tool mentioned above.

AG Custom Admin

Like the WP Admin UI Customize plugin, the AG Custom Admin can be used to customize the admin panel of a website by following the same procedure. The only difference is that the webmasters need to find “AG Custom Admin” tab instead of “WP Admin UI Customize” tab. Hence, customizations can be made easily to modify the admin panel of WordPress site effectively.