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How to Create an Online Resume using WordPress

How to Create an Online Resume using WordPress

We are in a digital world where everything can be exposed online perfectly. Therefore, more and more people choose to use an online resume to showcase their personality, expertise, education experiences and working experiences. Besides, an online resume can provide a better and more vivid visual effect than the paper-made one, presenting your information greatly in front of HRs.

As WordPress is the most-widely used CMS nowadays, in the following, we’d like to tell you how to create an online resume using WordPress.

Create an Independent Online Resume

It is possible that you want to create an independent website as your resume, but not to add a resume page to your existing site. In this case, you firstly need to purchase a reliable and affordable WordPress hosting, and then, install WordPress on your hosting account to starting running your resume.

The above-mentioned three web hosts are great options for WordPress users. You can choose one based on your budgets and hosting requirements.

Install WordPress

After purchasing the hosting service and a domain name for your resume, you can log into the control panel to find the 1-click WordPress installer. Here, let’s take the Softaculous installer as an example.

The following screenshot showcases what you will see after clicking the Softaculous icon under the area of “Software and Services”.

Softaculous WordPress Install

After clicking the WordPress icon, you need to choose the protocol and the domain name of your resume in the next page. Personally, we do not think it is necessary to purchase the SSL certificate for your online resume, so you can choose “http://” as the protocol. As for the domain name, try to use your real name plus a word of “resume”.

Choose Domain Names

Now, you need to finish the Site settings by entering your resume name and description. Do not enable the “Multisite” option as it is not necessary for an online resume. After that, you also need to configure your Admin Account. Here, you have to replace the default “admin” username with a new one, enter a strong password by checking the password identifier and offer your email address.

That’s it! You only need to click the Install button to finish the installation process. Now, you need to wait around 24 hours for your web host to complete the DNS settings. After that, you can start running your resume and adding some contents.

Install a WordPress Resume Theme

First of all, you need to choose a theme for your resume for decoration. You can find a free one from the Theme Directory of, or purchase a unique option from some theme market places like InkTheme and Template Monster. Here, we take the D5 Corporate Lite as an example – a free WordPress theme that comes with multiple color schemes, customizable background, right/footer sidebar and full-width image display.

For this, you only need to click the Theme button under the Appearance tab of your WordPress admin. Then, click the Add New button. Here, you can enter the theme name, click the Install button and activate the theme upon installation.

Now, you need to go back to the Theme page again to customize your installed template.

Customize Resume Theme

Here, you can make configurations on site title & tagline, colors, the header image, the background image, navigations, widgets and static front page.

Theme Customization

Add Resume Contents

Now, you can create and publish some pages to introduce yourself. Here, we highly recommend you to create three main pages.

  • About Me – You can make a detailed introduction about yourself, including your working experiences, education experiences, personality, habits, hobbies and many more.
  • Contact Me – Here, you need to offer your phone number and email address, so that HRs can contact you easily. Even, you can create a contact form here for easy communication.
  • Expertise – In this page, you need to offer the detailed information about your knowledge and skills. You’d better try your best to make the content as attractive as possible, and everything needs to be true.

Create Navigation Bar

Every website needs an easy-to-handle navigation bar, so that readers can go through the content easily. For an online resume, you can do it based on the following steps.

  • Go to Appearance tab and click the Menus tab.
  • Click the Create Menu button and give it a name.
  • In the Pages area, tick all your recent pages to add it to your new menu.
  • Here, we make the Education Experience page and the Working Experience page as the sub-item of the About Me page. If you also want this, you only need to move these two items to the right side slightly.

Create Navigation Bar

Now, you have created an independent online resume successfully. The final result just looks like the following screenshot.

My Resume Website

Create an Online Resume Page for Your Existing Website

If you do not want to create an independent online resume, you can also create a special resume webpage and add it to your current website. For this, you can make use of the POWr Resume plugin, with which you can create and customize your CV with great ease. After installing it, you can find a special POWr icon in your Visual Editor.

Now, you need to create a special webpage for your resume exclusively. Here, you only need to decide the page name and the permalink. As for the content, simply leave it blank.

Next, you should click the Visual Editor and pick the special red button as the image showed as following. Then, click Miscellaneous > Resume. Now, you can find a shortcode that is inserted to your webpage automatically. Do not change anything and simply publish your webpage. Note that you’d better move this page to your main navigation bar so that HRs can find your CV easily.

Add POWr Resume Label

Now, you can go back to your front end to check this new page. Here, you can find a CV that appears automatically. Simply click the small button at the right-upper corner to change the CV information.

Sample CV

Now, you will be presented with a pop-up window, allowing you to change the resume content and design. Simply click the “+” button and make changes from the drop-down menu. Do not forget to click the Save button once everything is configured properly. That’s it! You have your online resume created successfully.

Change CV Information