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How to Create a WordPress Event Registration System

How to Create a WordPress Event Registration System

Launching or declaring a special event via websites is popular nowadays. You only need to put on an event registration system; then online users can know the detailed information and participate in your parties easily.

To be frank, establishing such a system can be tricky for newbies, but WordPress has some useful plugins to achieve this goal in a simple way. In the following, we’d like to show you how to create a WordPress event registration system using the Event Registration plugin.

Basic Elements of Event Registration System

If you are going to release an online event for the first time, you’d better learn about its basic components in advance.

Even Description – You should give the detailed introduction for your event, including the event topic, date, time and location. If needed, you also need to present the event description and the maximum number of participants.

Event Registration Form – The event description is used to tell people what your event is going to do, and this part is used to help people sign up and participate in your event with ease. Generally, the form is comprised of the applicant names, phone numbers and email addresses. If your event lasts for a few days, the attending date is also required.

Map – If you are not going to hold a virtual event such as an online discussion or an online seminar, you’d better add a map to your event registration system to identify the exact event venue. Here, the utilization of Google Map is a plus point.

Payment – Sometimes, your event might not be free, charging people some money for registration. In this case, you need a secure payment method for money transfer. Generally, it would be better to have multiple payment channels including PayPal and credit cards.

Confirmation Message – Once people are registered successfully, you need to give them a confirmation message using either emails or phone messages.

Event Registration

Create a WordPress Event Registration System

To create such a system, you can make use of the Event Registration plugin. After installing and activating the plugin from your WordPress admin, you can find a tab named as EVNTRG_6.01.08. The numbers indicate the latest version of this plugin. Then, you need to click the Settings button.

Event Registration Settings

Here, you need to make four main configurations. Let’s explain them one by one in the following.

General Settings

Here, the plugin firstly requires you to add the basic information of the event holder, including the name, physical location, postal code and the contact emails. After that, you need to choose the webpages for the event registration and the returning URL of payments. Personally, the former one can be your homepage or a separated new webpage, and the latter one can be your event registration page.

Besides, you also need to choose the display manner of your event registration page among the options of pop-up windows, accordion lists or links only. If needed, you can also use the Captcha function to prevent spam.

Event Registration Generally Settings

Calendar Settings

With a calendar, both you and your potential participants can choose the exact date and time for launching and joining your event. From this setting tab, you can make some configurations for this special calendar, including the starting day of a week and the colors for the calendar backgrounds, header and pop border.

Event Registration Calendar Settings

Payment Settings

This part needs to be configured if your event is not free. Here, you can decide the currency format, the sales tax rate if needed, the payment confirmation message, the payment button text and the payment gateway.

Event Registration Payment Settings

Email Settings

If you want to send your participants the confirmation messages for registration and payment, you have to configure this aspect. If you do not want to come out the text content on your own, you can click the Example button to copy and paste the standard email template.

Event Registration Email Settings

Now, you have all the settings configured properly. The next step is to create your event. Here, you need to click the Events button from the drop down menu of the EVNTRG_6.01.08 tab. Then, click the Add Event button.

Now, you should firstly add the event description including the event name, ID and description. Note that the description can be displayed on the registration form page, and cannot include the HTML codes.

Event Registration - Event Description

Then, you need to add the detailed venue information for your event. Here, you’d better enable the Google Map function.

Next, you should decide the starting date and time, as well as the ending date and time. After that, you can determine some optional settings including whether allow people to use the event waiver and whether point your “Register Now” button to some other internal webpages or external websites.

The last aspect is the confirmation email. As you have added the content from the settings area, you can do no changes and just click the Submit New Event button. That’s it! Just move to your event registration webpage to check the final result.