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How to Create a WordPress Coupon Site

How to Create a WordPress Coupon Site

Setting up an awesome coupon site is a great way for making money on the web. As everyone loves freebies and discounted items, the coupon site can get the high traffic much easier than the common blog site. Surely, the prerequisite is that your site is reliable that comes with high quality.

In the following, we’d like to introduce you a detailed step-by-step guide about how to create a WordPress coupon site. With it, you can help your readers save money when making the online deal. And in the same time, you can receive the commission each time your readers use the coupons listed on your site.

Preparations for Building Up a WordPress Coupon Site

Before setting up your coupon site, you firstly need to prepare for the following two aspects.

Choose the Proper Hosting Provider to Support Your Site

To begin with, you should make sure that your web hosting service is of a high level of reliability, being able to guarantee you at least 99.99% uptime all the times.

For common blog sites, the downtime may result in the reduction of traffic and the downside of search rankings. For coupon sites, however, the downtime means the loss of profits. In this case, picking up a truly reliable web host is the first thing you need to do. Here, to ease your burden of selecting among hundreds of companies, we’d like to list three top options in the following. Simply choose one of them based on your hosting requirements and budgets.

Build an Independent Coupon Site or Coupon Page for Your Current Site

It is possible that you want to set up a professional coupons site just like the RetailMeNot and Coupons. Then, it is highly recommended for you to set up a common WordPress site and customize it using a dedicated coupon theme.

However, if you already have a popular site and are looking for adding a coupon section into it, you need to leverage the WordPress plugin.

Create a WordPress Coupon Site using a Theme

In fact, there are a lot of WordPress coupon themes available. This time, we’d like to take the Coupon Theme as an example. This theme is offered by WordPress Template Directory for free, coming with responsive layout, flexible header, Twitter Bootstrap, custom menu and many other features to help you store the promotional codes and discounted links in any way you like.

After installing it on your WordPress dashboard and activate it, you now should click the Theme button under the Appearance tab. Here, you can find your newly-activated template. Click it for customization. Note that the Customizer allows you to preview all the changes you have made before making them available online.

Customize Coupon Theme

Firstly, you need to decide the Site Title and Tagline. You’d better try your best to make them as attractive as possible. Then, you should choose the background color. The default color is white. If you want to change it, we recommend you to choose a brightly colored one.

Next, you should choose the header image for your site. Based on the theme design, you’d better choose the HD image with the size of 1170 x 450 pixels. Then, click the Add New Image button for header uploading. During the process, you can crop the image to your preference.

Decide Header Image

As for the customization of the background image, we do not recommend you to add one. After all, for a coupon site, a clear and simple layout is important, so that readers can find their target coupon codes without any distractions.

Next, you should decide the settings of Navigate Menu and Sidebar Widgets. Note that you can also decide these two aspects from the Menus section and Widgets section under the Appearance tab.

Lastly, you need to decide a Static Front Page. If there is nothing special, you’d better choose your latest posts to be showcased in the front-end homepage.

As everything is configured properly, you now can click the Save & Published button and start to release the coupon codes. Note that each coupon code should be released with a single blog post, and they will be displayed just like the following screenshot.

Coupon Site Sample

Initially, the Get Code button might be texted with Read More. If you are in this case, you need to check this post to replace the Read More link text.

Create a WordPress Coupon Site using a Plugin

Among all the coupon codes offered by WordPress Plugin Directory or some third parties, we highly recommend you to have a try on the Magic WP Coupons plugin. Upon the successful installation on your website back-end, you can find two newly-added sections. One is DV Coupon Options and another is Coupons.

Firstly, click the DV Coupon Options to make some configurations. For instance, you can showcase the likes, dislikes and links for each coupon code, and choose whether to use the Timthumb library, theme’s CSS and the cloaked URL.

General Setting

Next, you need to click the Template Settings and choose a template for the display of all the coupon codes. At present, there is only a default option available called Mycoupons, but you can install more custom options with the ZIP format.

Choose Template

As the basic settings for your coupon code display are configured properly, you now need to click the Coupons button in your left-hand column.

Here, you firstly should hit the Coupon Stores option, which requires you to add new categories for your coupon codes. These categories can be brands, companies, item types and many more.

Coupon Stores

Then, you need to click the Add New button to create your new coupon. Here, we take the Arvixe BWH360 coupon code as an example.

  • Coupon Title – This decides the name of your coupon code. You need to make it as clear and attractive as possible.
  • Coupon Discount – You’d better only enter the discount, without the extra explanation.
  • Coupon Code – Also, only offer the coupon code you have gained from the company.
  • Coupon Expiry Date – If this coupon code has the expiry date, you just need to enter the right date. If not, simply enter No Expires.
  • Coupon Store URL – This is the exact URL that the coupon can be redeemed.

Create Coupon Code

Before publishing this coupon code, you also need to choose the coupon stores you have added previously. Now, you can go to your homepage to check this coupon. Even, you can add the featured image to make it outstanding among others.

Choose Coupon Stores

Sometimes, you may get multiple coupon codes for a single item with different discounted levels. In this case, you can create a specific blog post or webpage for that item, and showcase all of its coupon codes in one single screen.

To do this, you firstly need to open the Visual Editor in the editing page and click the button of Magic WP Coupons Shortcodes. Then, choose the Coupons Shortcode option.

Insert Coupon Shortcode

Here, you can choose the item from the Store dropdown list. For instance, we decide to list all the coupon codes that are categorized under the Arvixe store. Then, you should choose the number of coupons that can be shown in this page, along with the order to display them.

After clicking the OK button, a shortcode will be generated automatically. And what you need to do is to publish this post and to check the final result from the front-end of your website.