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How to Control the Length of WordPress Comments

How to Control the Length of WordPress Comments

The comment section is a critical component for almost all the websites. People can write whatever they want within that section, telling you what they are thinking of your articles, what they want to know from the next posts and what they are thinking differently against your ideas.

Generally, a common comment is ranging from 100 characters to 2000 characters. This kind of range can fully demonstrate the idea of your readers. If you want all the comments left on your blog posts are within this range, you can check the following part as how to limit and control the length of WordPress comments.

Why Control the Comment Length?

In fact, there are three common situations when people leaving some words in your articles.

  • Some people want to get the backlinks from your site, so they may leave some one-word comments with their target links. This kind of comment is not helpful and is generally within 20 characters.
  • Some people want to showcase their complaints of what you are offering, so they may leave a long comment demonstrating what is wrong. The second situation is common if your website is selling something.
  • The last situation is the most normal one. The commentators just want to say something about your articles, no matter they are agreeing with you, disagreeing with you, or are confused of what you have written.

Obviously, having the length of your comment within a moderate range can effectively prevent comment spam and prevent some bad feedbacks.

How to Limit the Comment Length?

The Upper Limit

To carry out this practice, we highly recommend you to use the Greg’s Comment Length Limiter plugin, which offers a configurable limit on the maximum length of WordPress comments. Upon the successful installation and activation of it, you need to click the Comment Length Limiter button from the Settings tab.

Comment Length Limiter

Here, you can find a setting area of Upper Length Limit, allowing you to enter the number of the max characters allowed within a comment.

Upper Length Limit

Besides this, you can decide whether to include a box that automatically displays how many characters are left before catching the limit. Even the text for that countdown box can be determined.

Countdown Box

Lastly, you can configure what to do with the comments that are too long to break your limit. Do not do anything? Mark it as spam? Mark it for moderation? All are up to you.

The Lower Limit

As for this requirement, you can make use of the Minimum Comment Length plugin. Again, install it on your WordPress site and do not forget to activate it. After that, find the Mini Comment Length button from the Settings tab.

Here, you only need to do two things – decide the minimum length of your website comments and determine the textual message when people fail to meet your minimum characters.

Mini Comment Length

Sometimes, you may want to decide the upper limit and the lower limit in one time. In this case, the utilization of plugins may not be proper. Therefore, you can make use of some coding stuff with the perprocess_comment filter. The detailed coding example can be found in this page.