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How to Configure WordPress Auto Update For Better Security

How to Configure WordPress Auto Update For Better Security

WordPress is a quality and reliable content management system available on the web that views the security issue greatly. WordPress development team checks and monitors this tool uninterruptedly to figure out the vulnerabilities. Once find, these experienced developers simply fix these loopholes and make an update. Generally, when a new version is released, the loophole can be made public. Therefore, you need to make the WordPress up-to-date if you build a website using this tool, otherwise you may encounter some security issues as hackers can intrude your site via those vulnerabilities.

To be honest, updating WordPress manually is not difficult, but this practice fails of match the concept of efficiency. You may even ignore the update message appeared on your administrative panel or you may forget to check out whether there is a new version released from In this case, we’d like to show you how to configure WordPress auto update to make things as easy as possible.

update WordPress

Update WordPress Automatically

Since now, WordPress has been updated to the version of 3.9.1, but since the version of 3.7, there is a default highlight of automatic minor update. This means if you make use of WordPress 3.8, this application can update to the version of 3.8.1 automatically when it is available. However, if you want to update from WordPress 3.8 to WordPress 3.9 that is the major update, then you need to do it manually or adopt to one our recommended methods listed in the following for automation.

Method One: Make Use of wp-config.php

In fact, WordPress wp-config.php file is the most essential file for this CMS, with which you can make some critical configurations including the automatic update.

To enable the major update, you can make use of the special constant as the coding stuff showed in the following, and paste it into your wp-config.php file. Note that the value of true means all the updates, both minor one and the major one are enabled. Similarly, you can also disable this by setting the value of false, which is not a recommended practice.

update WordPress core

Method Two: Configure via Filters

In fact, this method also requires you to embed coding into your wp-config.php file, but it allows you to make a choice among development update, the minor update, and the major update. After all, you may only want to update one of the three types to meet your needs ultimately. Note that the needed code needs to be placed after this line.

configuration code

Now, you can configure for the automatic update of WordPress core using

update WordPress Core

To enable WordPress major update, you can make use of

WordPress major update

To allow the minor update, the code is as

WordPress minor update

In terms of the development update that is carried nightly, use the code of

WordPress development update

Method Three: Install Related WordPress Plugin

The last method for update automation is to install the security WordPress plugin to your website. Here, we highly recommend Advanced Automatic Updates. This plugin allows you make some configurations on the default WordPress feature of update. For instance, when you decide the update of WordPress core, you can choose between the major version and the minor version. In addition, you can also decide whether to update your themes and plugins automatically.

Generally, this tool can send you a message via email to inform you of the update as well as the debug information, and you can even configure for this aspect based on your ultimate needs and convenience.

Advanced Automatic Updates

Pay Attention to Plugin and Theme Update

In fact, besides the WordPress core update, you also need to pay attention to the update of plugins and themes installed on your website. As researched online, almost 25% of the security issues for WordPress sites are caused by the vulnerabilities of themes and plugins, for they are very likely to be ignored by webmasters, so hacks simply take this chance.

For this part, you can also make use the plugin of Advanced Automatic Updates, or add the coding stuff to the WP configuration file.

To enable plugin update, use the code as

WordPress plugin update

To enable theme update, use the code as

WordPress theme update