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How to Choose Keywords for Your Blog Posts - Special Tips for Keyword Selection

How to Choose Keywords for Your Blog Posts – Special Tips for Keyword Selection

The importance of keyword utilization is known by almost all the webmasters and bloggers, but only a few number of them know how to choose the proper keyword for their blog posts. In this circumstance, we’d like to continue our blog writing tutorial to resolve this issue.

To be honest, one of the main reasons of using keyword is its SEO benefits. Search engines view the relevancy between searching queries and your content significantly, and include it into the ranking algorithm. Keywords, frankly speaking, can increase the level of this relevancy greatly. In addition, a clear keyword along with the proper utilization can also improve the reading experience for readers.


To choose the keyword, the first thing you need to do is to brainstorm. This practice can expand your thoughts effectively, but the prerequisite is that you need to think around your website topic. We have already shared some tips concerning about how to decide blog topic, which are also useful for brainstorming.

We’d like to use PHPMatters as an example. When thinking about PHP, the things flashing into the mind include PHP coding stuff, PHP based scripts, themes, SEO, and online monetization. You can write them down and choose one of these aspects for further analysis.


Free Writing

Free writing is much same as brainstorm, but as different bloggers have different preferences, some of them like this way. To do free writing, you only need to prepare a plain paper and start writing without paying attention to the grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and words usage. Upon finishing, simply look at your paper and summarize the brief paragraph with a word or a phrase.

To be frank, as compared with brainstorm, free writing can give you a more specific impression of what you are talking about, thus make the keyword selection easier. However, before doing this, you need to have a general thought of your writing direction.

Narrow Down the Options

Narrow DownBrainstorm and free writing can only give you a broad range, but after that, you need to narrow down. Always remember that the competition among bloggers is fierce, and all the good and broad keywords must have been written for many times. In this case, you’d better split these keywords into multiple sub-fields for content creation.

Here, narrowing down doesn’t mean making things to specific, for this kind of keywords can hardly be searched and asked by people.

Focus on the Blog Niche or Topic

The keyword needs to be related to your blog topic or within your blog niche. To be honest, everyone knows about it, but we still want to emphasize the importance about this principle. As researched, experienced bloggers can hardly make this mistake when managing their blog sites, but many newbies still use some keywords that have no relevancy to their main thesis statement.

Target Your Readers

You need to always bear in mind that you are writing a blog post for attracting readers, so the keyword you have chosen needs to be attractive enough to arouse their interests. To find such kind of hot keyword, you can go to the popular blog sites coming out the content within the same niche as your blog for some inspirations. Also, you can communicate with people from your comment section or on the social networking platforms to figure out what they want the most.


Think About Online Searches

In fact, to figure out whether a keyword is good or not, the easiest way is to gain its online search statics. If the keyword is searched many times every month, then it is a good one and is worth writing. To know the monthly search, you can make use of the Keyword Planner of Google Adwords. After typing into the word, you can know its average monthly searches and the online competition clearly.

Keyword Planner

In addition, this tool can also give you some better alternatives. In the Keyword Ideas section, you can find many other options related to your selected keywords. You can even get more choices from the Ad Group Ideas.

Make Use of Keyword Tools

To be honest, if you pay attention to the above mentioned factors properly, you can choose a good keyword with ease. However, honestly speaking, these steps may cause you some time and energy, especially brainstorm and free writing. In this case, you can make use of some powerful tools specific to keyword selection.

  • Google Keyword Planner – This is a free Google service allowing you to pick the best keyword with ease, along with its monthly search static, competition level, and suggested bid.
  • WordPot – This tool provides you with an in-depth and comprehensive keyword analysis after you enter the initial selection. With the given information, you can know whether this keyword is worth choosing or not with ease.
  • SEO Book Keyword Tool – This tool is powerful enough to help you choose a SEO-friendly keyword without any effort. Besides, with its exclusive keyword database, you can know clearly whether your chosen keyword is preferred by people or not.