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Top 5 Tips on How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Top 5 Tips on How to Choose a Good Domain Name

selecting a domain nameIn most cases, people spare no effort to design their websites and create the content. However, they seem to fail to take the fact into account that all of the endeavors on web design and content creation could be meaningless unless their websites being reached by web visitors.

To make your site visited by people, the first task you need to complete is to get a visitor-friendly domain name. When we say friendly domain name for visitors, we mean that your domain name should be easy-to-type, easy-to-remember and creative. Besides, when choosing a good domain name, you also need to pay attention to the site association, copyright, extension names and more.

Actually, to choose a good domain name is similar to choosing a good website name. It is not an easy job. In below, we have listed the top 5 tips on how to choose a good domain name. You can follow these tips and pick a perfect domain of your own with more ease.

Make It Visitor Friendly

To make your visitors continue to visit your site, you should make your domain name shorter and easier to type & remember. Just imagine, if you are a visitor, would you like to type a short and catchy url, or would you prefer a complex and hard-to-remember one?

As a matter of fact, a long and complex domain name may increase the chance in misspelling or mistyping, which is really harmful to the accessibility of your website. In addition, you should never use a word that comes with multiple spellings like “color” and “colour”, or use any slang words.

What’s more, numbers and hyphens are not recommended to be included in your domain name. The reason is that people might feel confused about whether the number is a numeral “2” or the spelled out “two”, and people may forget about where to type the hyphens or just forget to add them.

Try to Be Creative

creativeIn an era of rapid network development, various websites snap up every day. As a result, most of the single-word domain names have been bought. However, it is not proper to get long and complex domain names. In this case, you should try your best to play your creativity in domain name creation.

There are several useful tips for you to create a unique and visitor-friendly domain name. The first way is to use blending words, such as the famous “Microsoft”. The second way is to compound 2 words directly, such as “phpmatters”. Or you can utilize a prefix and a suffix.

Pay Attention to the Site Association

It is better for you to select a domain name that best presents your content. This is essential especially for business website. Here we would like to remind you that your domain name is not necessary the name of your company. To be frank, a name that relates to your services or products is more recommendable.

After all, when people hear about a domain name for the first time, they seem to have a guess at what content they are going to read and then decide whether to visit it or not. For instance, the first time you hear the domain name, you can easily get to know that this site is about something related to PHP.

Avoid the Infringement of Copyright

copyrightThis is important because once happened, it can be fatal to the website or even the company. Therefore, before buying a domain, you should make sure that your domain name does not violate the copyright of any other people’s.

To avoid the infringement of copyright, you can search on the internet about the domain name you are going to purchase. And when selecting a domain name, you can also prepare some alternatives.

Consider the Domain Extensions

Actually, there are many widely used domain extensions available, including .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .co and more, among which .com is the most popular one. However, almost all the possible .com domain names have been registered, and it is really a thought-provoking process to find a good .com domain.

In this case, we recommend you turn to the other top domain name extensions. For example, if you are going to start a business website, you can choose .co or .biz. Or if you want to create a site talking about techniques and Internet infrastructure, then you can use .net.