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How to Change WordPress Date and Time Format

How to Change WordPress Date and Time Format

This tutorial introduces how to change WordPress date and time format. Things can be confusing for beginners, but through some introduction and guidance, you can get clear ideas on changing time and date displaying format for a WordPress site.

Date and Time Format Settings

If you want to change the built-in date and time format, first of all, you need to log in your dashboard and find “Settings”. And then you should click “General” where you can modify your date and time format. There are three factors you need to set: timezone, date format and time format.

WordPress Date and Time Format Settings

For timezone, you can select one timezone from the drop-down lists. The timezone lists are categorized by continent such as America and Africa, so you just need to research the lists and find the city that shares the same timezone as you, which can be very important. Because the system will update time and date automatically, if you choose the wrong city, the date and time will go wrong then.

Date Format Settings

As for date format, there are four formats available. You can click the radio button and choose one format that you favor. Besides, if you want to design your own date format, you can go to “Custom”. Before customization, you need to know the date and time format characters.

Date Format

Custom Date and Time Format

Commonly, a relative full date and time format consists of information about year, month, day, weekday and time. So, you need to know some characters which are used to display your information in different formats. Because the time and date formats are of many kinds and can be very complicated, this part mainly introduces date format and you can look for details about time format and related information at

For year setting, you should use the capital letter “Y” which will be outputted as “2015”. As for month, it can be displayed as Arabic number or text. For number, “n” means single number like “6” while “m” means number with a leading zero like “06”. For text, “F” equals to full text such as “January” while “M” represents month abbreviation such as “Jan”.

For day, “d” refers to number with a leading zero like “01” while “j” will output number without leading number such as “1”. Besides, you can also use “S” to display your date format as English suffix for the day of the month like “1st “.


Now, you need to think about the order of displaying information. Actually the order is up to you. What order you put those characters in the box next to “Custom”, the system will show the format in what kind of order. After you fill the format, the system will preview the new date and time format. So, you just need to check the design. If you don’t like it, you can reset it till you are satisfied. After that, you should click “Save” and log out the dashboard.

After setting, your website will display the new format of time and date given that there is no pre-definition in the theme. If time and date format is predefined in your theme, you should reset your theme.


After introduction, you may find that it is actually easy to change the date and time format except for those tricky characters. You just need to pay much attention to those characters. Also, you many just choose one of the built-in format to save troubles.