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How to Auto Tweet Blog Posts from Your Website to Twitter Account

How to Auto Tweet Blog Posts from Your Website to Twitter Account

After expanding your Twitter follower base and be popular within the Twitter community, now you can promote your website using this platform successfully. The best method to achieve this is to relate your site with Twitter account closely by tweeting your posts constantly. Thus, people who follow you can notice your blog posts, and may turn to be your loyal readers if your words can arouse their interests.

However, tweeting posts manually is complicated. You have to sign into your Twitter account, compose a new tweet, copy and paste the post URL, add a featured image, enter some descriptive words, and then click the Tweet button. Every time you have published a new article, you have to repeat these processes.

To remove the complexity, we have come out a tutorial concerning about how to auto tweet blog posts from your website to Twitter platform.

Make Use of FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a Google tool used for feed management, but with its rich features, it also can achieve the purpose of auto post-tweet.

To use this tool, you firstly need to log into this FeedBurner page and get your feeds. Simply enter your website URL with the “/feed/” attached and click the Next button.

Get Feeds

The next page requires you to enter the feed title and feed address. You can enter your website name as the feed title as well as the suffix required for the feed address. After that, click the Next button.

FeedBurner Title and Address

In fact, you can also make more configurations if you want to make the full use of FeedBurner, but here, you can simply jump into the next page and click the Publicize tab.

FeedBurner Publicize

In the left-column of the whole page, you can see a long service list. Simply find and click the Socialize option that can establish a solid relationship between your feed, here means your website, with the social media by transferring your latest updates.

Then, you need to add a Twitter account by clicking the related button. You simply need to enter your Twitter username and the password, and then hit the Authorize App button with blue color.

Authorize App

Now, you can make some configurations concerning about the auto-tweet. Firstly, you need to decide the tweet format. For instance, you can decide whether to showcase the title only, whether to include the links, and whether to leave some spaces for retweeting. In addition, you are allowed to use the hashtag to make your tweets found by people easily. If you need some additional text added in all the tweets, you can pre-configure the words and the placement as well.

Format Options

In addition to deciding how your tweets look like, you can also decide the maximum publish limitation and the tweet order. All can be configured from the Item Selection settings.

After finishing all the configurations, don’t forget to click the Activate button to active the service and the Save button to save the settings.

Install Auto-Tweet Tools

If you feel the utilization of FeedBurner is not easy for you, you can also search for some related plugins or modules that can do all the tasks for you. You only need to download them and install to your website. Some of these tools may require you to decide some settings, and you simply make a pre-configuration according to your needs.

In the following, we have listed some options that are suitable for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal powered website respectively.


There are a lot of powerful WordPress plugins that can achieve this goal such as WP to Twitter and WP-AutoSharePost. But here, we simply recommend Twitter Tools that guarantees the simplest steps, and in the meanwhile, give you the full control over the auto-tweet.

Twitter Tools


We highly recommend Auto Tweet NG for Joomla powered website not only for its popularity among Joomla users, but also because of its integration with all the major social platforms. In addition to tweeting the latest updates, with it, you can also automate article republishing and decide the publish time.

Auto Tweet NG


There are no real-quality Drupal modules that are designed specific for auto-tweeting, but the multi-functional Tweet module can help you copy the posts from your website to Twitter automatically.

Drupal Tweet