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How to Add WordPress Live Chat for Better Communication

How to Add WordPress Live Chat for Better Communication

At present, the live chat button has been widely used by webmasters for their websites, ranging from personal blog sites to large business platforms. With it, you can keep in close contact with your readers, answer some queries without waiting times, provide special support with much ease, and collect readers’ feedback about your web content without any hassle.

In the following, we have presented a beginner’s guidance about how to add WordPress live chat for better online communications with readers.

Add WordPress Live Chat with Skype Button

Skype can be regarded as the most popular software used by webmasters for telecommunication. Almost three-quarters of websites adopt Skype for the instant conversation.

To achieve this goal, we highly recommend the WordPress plugin named as Skype Legacy Button. After installing it on your WordPress admin, you need to click the Skype Buttons from the Settings tab. In the next page, you need to adapt the default settings to your personal preferences to start using the button at anywhere you want within your website.

Basic Settings

First of all, you need to enter your Skype ID. This can be applied from Note that if you want this button to invoke a multi-chat such as a conference calling, you need to enter the IDs of all the chatting participants, using a semi-colon for separation.

Second, you need to provide a special name that you want it to appear in Skype links on your website. Personally, we recommend you to use the upper class for each character of your name.

Skype ID and Name

Next, you should choose the theme of the live chat button. This plugin offers you a variety of options, among which the White Dropdown is the most recommended one. It allows people to call you, chat with you, transfer you a file and add you to their Skype accounts simply via a dropdown list.

In the right hand of this setting page, you can find a preview section, demonstrating how your button appears at your website front-end.

Skype Preview Area

Advanced Options

As for the advanced settings, you can configure the following aspects.

  • Post Content – If you want to insert a live chat button when writing posts, you can check the box of this part, so that you can get a special button on the WYSIWYG editor. Whenever you want to add the live chat, this button can do it for you.
  • Post Content

  • Display & Function – This part allows you to decide whether to add the “Leave me voicemail” in the White Dropdown template, whether to allow call-to-action for each tag, whether to use the “Download Skype Now” link and many more.
  • Display & Function

  • Tag Text – Here, you can change the text of each tag as you like.
  • Tag Text

Once everything is setup, you can click the Save Changes button to check the final result.

Add WordPress Live Chat with Chat Room Plugin

This plugin allows you to create a simple and neat live chat without any third-party signs and advertisements. However, we have to mention that only your registered readers can join the conversation if you adopt this plugin.

Upon the successful installation, you can find a Chat Rooms tab in your dashboard. Simply click it and choose the Add New button. In the next page, you only need to enter the name of this chat room and click the Publish button.

Add New Chat Room

Next, you need to add your newly created chat room to your navigation menu, so that people can find it easily. For this, you should click the Menus button from the Appearance tab. Then, choose your new chat room and add it to the menu. Do not forget to save the settings.

Add Chat Room to Menu

Now, you can go back to your homepage to figure out whether the Chat Room button can be found from the navigation for the instant live chat.

Chat Room Button