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How to Add PayPal to Website - Powerful Payment for Online Dealing

How to Add PayPal to Website – Powerful Payment for Online Dealing

If you have made the dealing online, whether acting as a buyer or a seller, you must have heard about the payment method named as PayPal. This is a safe and fast channel for money sending and receiving, which has been utilized and trusted by millions of people all over the world. Honestly speaking, PayPal is even better than credit card.

Due to its popularity and the high level of security, we highly recommend it for you to receive earnings if you make money on the Internet. In the following, therefore, we have introduced you how to integrate this payment channel to your site for money receiving.

How to Add PayPal to Website

paypalTo achieve this goal, you need to make use of PayPal buttons and attach them to your website. At present, there are five buttons that are commonly used by webmasters.

  • Add to Chart – This button is also known as Shopping cart, helping people purchase multiple items on your website in bundle. For instance, if someone wants to buy a pearl necklace in your necklace category and a stone bracelet in your bracelet category, they can purchase them in one time using this button.
  • Buy Now – This button is used to pique people’s attention and to help them check out your items quickly. Among these five buttons, this one is the most commonly used one.
  • Donate – Generally, the donate button is used to by some charity organizations used for raising funds, but you can still add this button to ask people to donate you to keep the website up and running.
  • Buy Gift Certificate – This button is pretty useful and informative if you want to sell some gift certificates to your visitors.
  • Subscribe – We highly suggest this button if you have a subscription system, for it allows your club members to pay the subscription fees automatically every month instead of paying manually.

Now, you can choose one of these PayPal buttons based on your needs, and go to this page to customize the button and to get the code.

payment details

Firstly, you need to make sure whether the button type is the exact one that you choose. If not, you need to select the right type. Then, you have to give an item name for your button as well as the item ID to ensure a clear identification. Thus, if you have multiple buttons attached on your site, you can figure out your target with ease.

Next, you need to make some modifications related to money, such as the product price, currency, shipping and tax rate. There is a special note that if you choose the button for donation, gift certificate and subscription that are not physical, you may be required to decide the donation amount, gift certificate amount and style, and billing cycle, etc.

Don’t forget to enter the right email address as it is used to send and receive your payment information.

Now, you need to customize the PayPal button appeared on your website. You can choose to add a dropdown menu with some specific options including the price, product name, product color and size, etc. You can also simply add the text field to enter the option name and the brief introduction.

customize button

In addition, you can also choose whether to show the credit card logos below the PayPal button or not, as well as the button language and text. You are even allowed to utilize your self-designed button that can match the style of your site the most.

In the right hand, there is a preview section available allowing you to check out the appearance of your PayPal button in real time, and to modify it easily.

The last step is to click the Create Button option to get the needed coding stuff. You can place the code at anywhere you want within your website, but we highly suggest you to choose an obvious placement that picks people’s eyes effectively.

paypal button code