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How to Add Newsfeeds in Joomla 3

How to Add Newsfeeds in Joomla 3

Newsfeed, also called web feed, is used to deliver the latest news to subscribers. Most webmasters add newsfeeds to websites and encourage visitors to subscribe a favored one to obtain information from web feed management provider like FeedBurner. Since Joomla 3 enables such a popular feature on each site, we make this guide on how to add newsfeeds in Joomla 3 with several steps.

This guide shows you the way to create newsfeeds and collect them in a category for the convenience of management. And then, to help visitors target the newsfeeds at a glance, you are required to place them prominently. Check more details as below and get started to add the first newsfeed to your Joomla website.

Add Newsfeeds in Joomla 3 Websites

To make it easy to organize newsfeeds on your website, we suggest you to create several categories to classify all items with different purposes. That is a great method to help visitors target certain newsfeeds with ease. Before everything, log into your Joomla dashboard with a personal account and expand the Components tab on top menu bar. Go to Newsfeeds > Categories and access to Category Manager: Newsfeeds interface.

Components Newsfeeds

Click the button in green and that allows you to add as many new categories as needed for holding newsfeeds. Here you come to the “Add A New Newsfeeds Category” edit page and that requires you to enter some detailed information for this new category. There are 4 categories available for category customization, including Category, Publishing, Permissions and Options. That allows you to set a brief description, publishing matters, permission for different user roles and layout options. Click “Save” button to confirm all settings.

Add New Newsfeeds Category

For example, since we are running multiple web hosting resource websites, the newsfeed categories have to do with web hosting company recommendations, web hosting promotions, SEO, site building tips, and so on. You’d better classify all newsfeeds into specific categories based on the actual situation.

After having all categories created, you should set about creating the first newsfeed right now. Go to Components > Newsfeeds > Feeds and this is where to check all newsfeeds you have added before. Click “New” button and enter detailed information about that new newsfeed as required. Note that, the link to newsfeed provider is required.

Add New Newsfeeds

Besides, the Image tab enables you to add images for that newsfeed to make it more attractive and vivid. You can set the duration of that newsfeed via Publishing tab and determine the created time as well. The Display tab enables a list of options for customization of newsfeed display, among which the article numbers and cache time are required options. Having all settings done, click “Save & New” to save and add more newsfeeds as needed.

Create a Newsfeed Menu in Joomla 3

A newsfeed menu is where to display all newsfeeds on your website and that enables visitors to check certain newsfeeds according to personal needs. That is also a good method to convert more visitors to be subscribers if you succeed in getting their attention.

Make sure that you have logged into your Joomla dashboard. And then, go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item and fill out all details about that new menu item as required. Click “Select” button next to Menu Item Type and expand all types. You need to further expand the Newsfeeds item, which enables three options for your new menu item.

Newsfeeds Menu Item

List All News Feed Categories includes all newsfeeds categories in a menu item. That requires visitors to expand the menu item at first and then click to the targeted category for detailed newsfeeds. Below Menu Item Type option, you need to select a top level category from the drop-down list. Here, we leave the default option “Root”. Give this menu a proper title and click “Save” button to confirm all settings.

List All News Feeds Category

List News Feeds in a Category allows you to assign a specific newsfeed category to be a separated page for showing all containing newsfeeds. When clicking this menu item, visitors are directed to the corresponding newsfeed category. For instance, select this menu item type and make a decision which category should be under that menu from “Category” drop-down list. And then, name this menu item properly and “save” it to confirm all details.

List News Feeds in a Category

Single News Feed takes a certain Newsfeed as a menu item and that lists all information about this newsfeed on an independent page. Visitors are able to check the latest entries in this newsfeed after expanding the menu item. Having the Single News Feed selected, focus on the next required option “Feed” and select a newsfeed from all items you have created before. Give this menu a proper name and that can be the name of the selected newsfeed. Click “Save” button to take this menu item into effect.

Single News Feed

Display a Newsfeed on Your Website

Joomla 3 enables various module types for webmasters to highlight certain content on web page, among which the Feed Display is the one mentioned in the following guide. This module makes it possible for you to showcase a newsfeed on website strikingly so as to get visitors to notice the newsfeed at a glance.

Log into your Joomla 3 dashboard and expand the Extensions tab on top menu. Go to Module Manager: Modules setting page. Click the “New” button in green and get a list of module types. Select Feed Display module type and click to “Module Feed Display” setting page.

Slect Feed Display Module

Name this module type properly and that can be the name of the selected newsfeed. Enter the newsfeed URL and adjust the left options according to personal needs. And then, determine where to display this module by selecting a position from the Position list. That is available in the right sidebar. Finally, click “Save” button to confirm all settings.

Feed Display Module

By the way, since you have no idea about the module positions in Joomla 3, you should change some settings of the current template. Go to Extensions > Template Manager and click “Options” button on the top right corner. Enable the “Preview Module Positions” option and click “Save” button.

Enable Preview Module Positions

Go back to Extensions > Template Manager and target the active template. Click the eye icon before the template and that directs you to website front-end. The words in red show you all positions on your web page, which are all included in the Position list. Have a rough idea about each position and then select the most suitable one to display your newsfeed module.