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How to Add and Configure a Skype Widget in WordPress

How to Add and Configure a Skype Widget in WordPress

As one of the most reputable communication tools, Skype has won a great popularity among users worldwide. That is also heavily favored by webmasters who wish to strengthen contact with their visitors. In most cases, they would rather add a Skype widget in WordPress than just display a single of contact information on the web page. To do so, we invite you to follow this guide on how to add a Skype widget to your website as well as how to configure it in a proper way.

Since many readers don’t want to deal with the Skype widget painstakingly, we are going to introduce an easy-to-follow way for that purpose. Namely, make use of Skype Online Status plugin, which is a powerful plugin allowing you to add as many Skype buttons as needed on your website. So far, this plugin has been translated into multiple languages including Italian, Russian, Danish, and so on.

Install Skype Online Status Plugin

Before everything, you should enable this plugin for your website by downloading it through or doing so via your admin. Here, we would like to install Skype Online Status plugin via WordPress dashboard and then activate it in real time.

install skype online status plugin

Add & Configure Skype Widget

And then, an option named as Skype Status comes to the sidebar and that is under Settings. Go to Settings > Skype Status and access to the Skype Online Status general setting page. Focus on the Basic Options mode and set the Skype ID, Full Name, Theme and Function according to personal needs.

skype online status basic options

To satisfy the needs of most users, Skype Online Status plugin enables multiple themes for your Skype button. If the given options are unsatisfactory, you can check the link to get more premium themes and copy & paste the output to the text area as required.

In addition, there are several functions available for the Skype buttons, including “Call me”, “Add me to Skype”, “Chat with me”, and so on. You can assign any function selected from the drop-down list to the Skype widget. Click “Save Changes” to confirm all settings.

You can check the current theme via “Preview theme template” where shows you the appearance of the newly created Skype button. By following the steps mentioned above, we customize our Skype button like the following screenshot.

preview theme template

The “Advanced Options” enables more premium features for you to customize the Skype widget. You can insert a Skype button to certain posts or pages with the shortcode [skype-status] or . Besides, the option “Display & Function” allows you to determine which items are used to replace their tags respectively. And also, you can customize the Skype status text via “Custom Status texts” section while modify texts for respective tags via “Tag Texts” mode.

skype online status advanced options

For example, we plan to display the Skype button on the Home page, then we should seek this page out via Pages > All Pages and copy & paste the shortcode [skype-status] to the edit area. Check if everything goes well as the following screenshot.

skype button sample

If you wish to include the Skype button in your sidebar, go to Appearance > Widget and make a hit with few clicks. Target the widget called “Skype Status” via Available Widgets area and drag & drop it to the sidebar mode. And then, enter the title, Skype ID, Full Name, Text before button and Text after button as required.

add skype widget to sidebar

Select a proper theme and click “Save” button to confirm all settings. The Skype button should be like the following sample. Note that, the theme used here is “‘Call me!’ balloon style (blue)”.

skype button in sidebar

Thanks to the usability of Skype Online Status plugin, we are able to add and configure a Skype widget in WordPress with ease. Get it started right now and add the first Skype widget to your website with this user-friendly plugin. If you wish to further enhance the efficiency of your live support, we recommend more live chat plugins to you for that purpose, such as WP Live Chat Support, Formilla Live Chat, MyLiveChat, and so on.