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HostPapa Review – Is It a Good Web Hosting Choice
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HostPapa Review – Is It a Good Web Hosting Choice

HostPapa, started business in 2006, is a rarely-known web hosting brand and it specializes in shared, VPS and reseller hosting. Due to its strangeness, not a few webmasters who want to start their blogging websites come into puzzlement when making their decisions on this company. Plus, to choose an appropriate blogging site remains to be time-consuming especially for some non-technical people.

That’s why we develop this comprehensive HostPapa review as follows. Holding on the principal to serve the public, we will analyze HostPapa from pricing, features, performance and tech support. At the beginning, some editorial ratings on this provider’s reputation, features, support, pricing and performance are displayed in below.

HostPapa Review

  • Reputation
  • Feature
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Price
    $3.95/mo – approximately 50% off $7.95/mo regularly


The built-in hosting feature can be the testing stone for web hosting, so let’s have a first look at this company’s features. To make things clear and straightforward, we make a list of some important ones as follows.

  • Easy-to-navigate cPanel control panel which comes with one-click script installer.
  • Unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer and MySQL 5.1 database.
  • Free domain registration, website builder and account setup.
  • DNS management, virus scanning and custom error pages.
  • Multiple domains, FTP accounts and design templates.

To be frank, all of those mentioned core features are available from most web hosts. More importantly, HostPapa only supports PHP and excludes some popular scripting languages including Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python and so forth. At this point, this company may not be a suitable option for some bloggers who are in need of more development features.

Pricing Policy

Pricing PolicyTo stand out in a sea of web hosting companies, HostPapa prices the plan from $3.95/mo. Note that this promotion price is only valid for three-year billing cycle, which includes free domain registration and account set-up. In terms of the payment method, this company accepts both PayPal and Credit Card. A 30-day money back guarantee is included in the meantime.

However, there are no pies dropping from the sky. Many customers who have been encouraged by the boastful advertisement find they are totally taken in by its cancellation policy. They point out that although this company promises to refund hosting fees according to the listed money back agreement, it charges customers who intend to cancel their accounts a lot.

For example, there is a $19.95 setup fee and another $24.95 domain sign-up fee. That means, customers are only allowed to quit their services at the price of losing at least 40 bucks, which is quite absurd. Hence, think twice before moving.


PerformanceNetwork performance has a close relationship with site quality and popularity. And HostPapa spares no effort to market its service by making use of world-class servers and high-performance content delivery network. But it seems that this web host is all talk and no action.

According to what an old HostPapa customer has said over the Internet, this provider does nothing but leave their sites’ performance go bad to worse. Also, some other users complain that the server downtime is indeed horrendous, and even when the service is up the server load is completely maxed out.

To do justice to HostPapa, our testing group has carried out a continuous monitoring on its network and servers during the passing months. As a matter of fact, we are disappointed to find that this provider’s loading time is longer-than-average and the network uptime is far behind what has been promised.

Tech Support

HostPapa prepares customers with three effective contact portals – hotline, email and browser-based live chat. And it supplies some independent customers with a good mix of solutions and video tutorials in the knowledgebase. This company also allows webmasters to get to know them through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Pay attention that HostPapa doesn’t offer 24×7 live chat support during weekends. That means, the live chat support is reachable in weekdays, while it is only accessible from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (EST) at the weekends. In this way, customers can not get their emergent issues efficiently fixed during the non-office hours at the weekends, which is a frequently-criticized part.

Final Verdict

From our comprehensive review above, HostPapa is not recommended for bloggers who hunt for a high-performance, rich-featured and help-efficient web host. It may not be a favourable choice for blogging online. In this case, we have some better recommended options in below.