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HostMonster VS Fatcow - Comparison of Budget Web Hosting

HostMonster VS Fatcow – Comparison of Budget Web Hosting

HostMonster and Fatcow are well-known hosting providers in this industry since they have been providing web hosting service for over a decade. However, which one is more cost cost-effective? This is the part which many webmasters concern about most. To figure out this question, we have conducted an investigation and collected mass statistics and feedbacks.

This HostMonster vs Fatcow mainly focuses on price, features, uptime, speed and technical support. But before you go into the detailed analysis, please have a look of the following ratings of the two companies.

Rating HostMonster FatCow
Tech Support
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About HostMonster

HostMonster is a medium sized hosting provider that offers the quality hosting solutions for thousands of individuals and online businesses since the year of 1996. With the tens of years of rich experiences in this field, HostMonster now releases the industry-standard hosting package that helps you run your site with the best performance and at only a fraction of costs. As researched online, most of their current users are quite satisfied when it comes to the customer service, website creation and management tools, security and uptime.

About Fatcow

As compared with HostMonster, Fatcow is a little bit younger that was born in the year of 1998. This web host expands their business with a group of dedicated and talented experts. They simply focus their attention on ensuring the best technical support experience and the super-blazing hosting performance for small businesses, medium businesses and personal site owners who are looking for the affordable and quality service.

Plans and Pricing

Fatcow provides users with a single plan. And with a so-called limited-time promotion, people can get the service at $49/yr which helps save 60%. However, after the initial term, if customers want to renew the service, they must pay at least $8.99/mo. The deals can be paid via CC or PayPal. Besides, a 30-day money back guarantee also comes along.

In comparison, HostMonster offers more options at affordable prices, namely Basic, Plus and Business Pro, which takes a full consideration of different customers’ demands. The plans normally cost $5.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $19.99/mo separately, but by going through the promotional link below, new customers can get the service at a price starting from $3.95/mo. An anytime money-back guarantee is also available.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation


In addition to utilizing a customizable control panel, Fatcow and HostMonster also share many unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. Moreover, features like site builder, script languages and shared SSL are also offered by both companies. However, the service Fatcow provides has many limitations.

For instance, the free domain name that Fatcow offers is only available for the first year. Likely, although Fatcow allows users to create unlimited mailboxes, there is a big restriction – each individual mailbox only has a storage capacity of 500MB or 10,000 email messages.

HostMonster, however, provides more features. Please refer to the following table to know more about the details.

Feature HostMonster FatCow
Plan in Review Plus Web Hosting
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain 1 1
Email Storage Unlimited 500MB
Marketing Offer $200 No
CDN Global CDN No
Conclusion Recommended No Recommended

Website Creation and Management

Both HostMonster and Fatcow offer a lot of tools and services to help you set up and manage your website easily.

  • Create the website – No matter which kind of website you want to set up, you can feel much easy for both of them support a wide range of scripts that can be used to build the blog sites, business sites, portfolio sites, online stores, photo galleries and many more. In addition, with the 1-click installer and the great website builder, you can start your site effortlessly.
  • Manage the website – They all offer the great control panel, with which you can manage every aspect of your site easily, such as the files, images, databases, domains, emails and many more. However, as the ease of use for a control panel means a lot for newcomers, HostMonster offers the cPanel one, but Fatcow provides a custom option.


Fatcow claims that it is equipped with a series of advanced technologies to ensure redundancy, reliability and security, including dual routers, NetApp storage clusters and gigabit network connection. At the same time, it promises to offer 24×7 server monitoring. However, there is no evidence to prove that. In contrast, according to feedbacks from its customers, it is not so rare to meet with downtime. After having met this situation for several times, they turn to another hosting company in the end.

In comparison, HostMonster does a relatively perfect job in this aspect. According to our monitoring results, HostMonster uptime has been nearly 100% for most of the time during the past month as shown by the chart below.


Fatcow promises to its clients that their web and e-mail files are served through Linux machines utilizing Apache web server for optimized performance. Rather, according to the collected statistics, it seems that the use of these advanced technologies doesn’t help much.

HostMonster utilizes advanced cloud technology and a lot of other speeding-up technologies like multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections. From feedbacks of customers, it shows that clients are very satisfied with the speed of their websites. In order to get more accurate statistics, we have been monitoring its server response time in the past month, and then we draw the following chart.

Technical Support

Both of HostMonster and Fatcow offer 24×7 technical support which receives users’ messages from phone, e-mail and online chat. Other self-assistant tools like knowledgebase and user guide are also listed on the official websites of the two companies. In addition, the support staffs having professional knowledge are very friendly and responsible.

It seems that HostMonster does a more thoughtful work – it offers phone numbers for different departments, including technical department, billing department, sales department as well as terms of service compliance department. Therefore, customers can get the proper solutions in a very short time.


Based on the details above, HostMonster does much better than Fatcow almost in every aspect. Therefore, HostMonster is the better choice for individuals and small businesses.