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HostMetro Review and Secrets Revealed You Must Read
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HostMetro Review and Secrets Revealed You Must Read

In order to help people have an impeccable understanding of HostMetro, our editors write the HostMetro review according to all essential factors. Apart from discussing HostMetro technical supports and features, the review specially focuses on its affordability and hosting performance, which are basic considerations when choosing a hosting provider.

Before getting into the center of the evaluation, we’d like to show readers an overall chart in below. The chart gives rating to every possible factor that matters, aiming to help readers have a rough idea of the company at first glance. Please read the chart carefully in the following.

HostMetro Review
  • Reputation
  • Feature
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Price

Friendly Budget

HostMetro launches two shared hosting packages including Mega Max Hosting and Business Max Hosting that are priced at $2.45/mo and $4.95/mo separately without any announced discount. Note that the mentioned prices are only valid for 3-year subscription. Of course, webmasters can choose shorter cooperation such as 1-year plan, but they need to pay extra $2 for each plan per month. Another disappointing news is that there is no monthly plan offered by HostMetro and the minimal order quantity is one-year subscription.

Price Mega Max Business Max
Regular Price $2.45/mo $4.95/mo
Discount No No
Monthly Plan No NO
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days

Price is just a component of budget-friendly purchase and another important concern is money back guarantee that indicates whether a subscription is secure or not. In this regard, HostMetro keeps pace with the whole industry and provides 30-day full money back guarantee. However, there are some complaints about their fraud cancellation process that the customers are nearly impossible to get a full refund after the purchase.

Hosting Performance

The performance of a website largely depends on servers and data center used by the hosting provider. Thus, our editors review HostMetro hosting performance starting from investigating its servers and data center. The company is fully leveraging the reselling mode – they rent servers from some other large companies and resell to thousands of customers on a shared server. As a result, neighter the reliability nor site loading speed can be guaranteed.

There has been many customers’ complaint in the communities that you easily find at Google search. In order to get accurate figures about HostMetro hosting speed, our editors hold a performance testing with a shared hosting account for several months. During the process, we noticed the server response time is periodically bad, which averaged to 507ms per page request. As a matter of fact, the result is far from a good user experience, especially compared with other outstanding web hosts like JustHost.


Following the trend of web hosting industry, HostMetro provides maximum resources including unlimited domains, a lot of bandwidth and disk space, as well as unlimited email accounts. Besides, the company utilizes the most popular cPanel as hosting control panel, which is welcomed for the graphical icons and easy-to-use interface.

However, when digging deeply into HostMetro features, we find out that it doesn’t offer some advanced and necessary features, such as Ruby on Rails, Perl, Cron Job, and Python. The practice may cause trouble for webmasters who intend to build high-performance websites.

Feature Mega Max Business Max
Disk Storage Maximum Maximum
Monthly Transfer Maximum Maximum
Dedicated IP Address 1 1
Domain Privacy $0.5/mo Free
Perl/Python No No
Ruby on Rails No No
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Cron Job No No

Customer Service

HostMetro is a startup company and has less than 10 staffs based on our observation and research. They advertise 24×7 technical support via telephone, live chat and email, but their staffs are usually non-existing at the positions.

According to some rumors, this company is a new brand of the sucking company WebHostingPad as the latter one had really bad reputation and could not continue in this industry.

In fact, when we tried to contact the support through live chat, we hadn’t got a response within 10 minutes. That is to say, when you will have a problem, you nearly have no way to get a solution from them.


HostMetro is probably one of the best cheap hosting choices. However, when concerning its ordinary performance in reputation, speed, reliability, and customer service, the company is not an advisable choice at all. Therefore, we list the 3 alternatives that perform excellently in every aspect as below.