Hosting Comparison

Selecting a real quality and trust-worthy web hosting can be a challenge at present, for there are so many options available emerging with the huge development of Internet. People take much time and energy to search companies and compare hosting services, but many of them fail to gain a satisfactory result for they are lacking the basic knowledge of review and comparison standards.

In fact, to compare the hosting solutions offered by differed web hosts, or to figure out whether the service of a specific web host is good or not, you need to analyze some important aspects including reputation, price, features, page loading speed, uptime, and technical support. We have explained the detailed reasons of why they are critical in the following.

Hosting Comparison
  1. Reputation: Before comparing these companies, you’d better learn their background which includes the establishment time, community reputation, industry rankings, main products, target customers. Also, you can check their customer reviews to know the customer satisfaction rates.
  2. Price: As for price, it’s better to choose the cost effective one instead of an extremely cheap option. Except for the regular price, you also need to consider the promotion and discount, and even the extras such as free domain, free site builder, free license fee, or some other promotion credits. In addition, you’d better take the renewal price into account to avoid some companies which offer a quite low initial price but double for renewing.
  3. Features: This factor needs to be compared carefully, based on the basic features as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, etc, the advanced technologies as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Secure Shell Access, etc, popular scripts including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, and user-friendly tools like 1-click script installer and cPanel.
  4. Speed: Speed performs a crucial part on the user experience as no one can stand a slow website. To compare this part, you can review the data centers, servers, networks, fibers, and other facilities which influence the hosting speed from the official site of your target company. Besides, you can also refer to some monitoring statistics or performance testing from the most awarded hosting review sites.
  5. Reliability: It is frustrating to visit your site but end up finding that it is inaccessible, so you need to take the reliability of the hosting company into consideration. This aspect is mainly affected by the web server quality and data center infrastructure.
  6. Technical Support: Technical support is always one of the top concerns for webmasters, especially for those who lack some advanced skills. Therefore, customer service is pretty crucial. Generally, a good web host offers the 24/7 support service via multiple communicating methods like phone, live chat, and email with the responding time less than 1 minute. Some other companies even provide the knowledge database to display the basic information and the common questions of the web hosting service.

The following posts are the independent comparison based on our editors' real hosting experience and in-depth analysis.

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