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HostGator vs FatCow - Budget Web Hosting Compairson

HostGator vs FatCow – Budget Web Hosting Compairson

We have made a HostGator vs FatCow comparison recently for many of our readers are enquiring about the hosting services offered by these web hosts for business sites or online stores. Without doubt, both of the two companies are great hosting options online. After all, they have been serving for a large number of customers for a long time, gaining great experiences for supporting webmasters well. However, when comparing them based on the hosting charges, features, page loading speed, reliability, and customer service, they haven’t offered the same quality services for customers. In the following, we have presented the comparison result clearly, with which webmasters can know which one is better.

Rating HostGator HostGator FatCow
Package Hatchling Plan Baby Plan FatCow Plan
Uptime 5 of 5 5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Speed 5 of 5 5 of 5 3 of 5
Support 5 of 5 5 of 5 4.5 of 5
Features 3 of 5 5 of 5 3 of 5
Price 5 of 5 4.5 of 5 4.5 of 5
Promotion 30% 30% 23%
Sales Now! $4.16/mo $6.26/mo $3.15/mo
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Coupon Code
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The Overall Information of HostGator and FatCow

As the leading hosting provider, HostGator offers a wide range of hosting solutions that include shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Founded since 2002 in a door room of a university, HostGator now grows to be a large hosting company that has multiple international offices in Austin and Houston.

Focusing on offering the fast, affordable and reliable hosting service, HostGator got the first 100 customers in 2003, reached 200,000 customers in 2009 and millions of users since now. Even, this web host has over 500 experienced employees with the uninterrupted staff expansion. At present, they can handle hundreds of tickets and thousands of phone calls on a daily basis effectively.

When it comes to FatCow, this web host was founded in 1998, which aims at offering the reliable hosting service for small to medium sized personal blogs and business sites. They grow their business with a group of professional and talented guru bearing the belief that the truly quality web hosting should ensure the affordable charge, rich features, peak performing and helpful technical support.

Hosting Charges

For businessmen or online store owners, the hosting price might be viewed importantly as they need to control the budget to get the maximum benefits. Honestly speaking, the hosting solutions charged by the two companies are all affordable and budget-friendly, which are far cheaper than the average price in the industry that is around $7/mo.

HostGator – Customers can sign up with HostGator starting from $4.16/mo, $6.26/mo, and $9.76/mo for its Hatchling, Baby, and Business package. Note that the pricing has been cut 30% off with the coupon code EUNGE30OFF.

FatCow – This web host only has an all-in-one FatCow plan that is priced $49/yr – around $4.08/mo. But now, this company also has offered a promotion campaign allowing customers to purchase at the price of $3.15/mo with at least 24-month billing in one time.

Price HostGator HostGator FatCow
Package Hatchling Plan Baby Plan FatCow Plan
Original Charging $5.95/mo $8.95/mo $4.08/mo
Discount 30% Off 30% Off 23% Off
Discounted Price $4.16/mo $6.26/mo $3.15/mo
Money-Back Guarantee 45 Days 45 Days 30 Days
Coupon Code
Coupon Code
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Note that these two web hosts both allow customers to pay via PayPal. To be frank, PayPal is the safer payment channel than credit card for it can prevent the sensitive information from being stolen. Besides, they allow customers to get refund within the certain period. HostGator allows 45 days and FatCow allows 30 days.

Feature Offering

After reviewing the feature list presented by the two companies, we have found that they succeed in offering everything needed to have a website built and managed easily. For instance, they provide customers with unlimited server resources for unlimited data storage and data transfer, automatic script installation to have apps installed easily, shared SSL to guarantee a secure remote data execution, and free marketing bonus to make the website promotion an easy thing. Besides, for experienced webmasters who need the programming languages like PHP, CGI, and Python, they can get what they want easily.

In terms of the differences, HostGator offers the user-friendly cPanel but lacks the free domain. FatCow allows free domain registration but fails to provide cPanel.

Feature HostGator HostGator FatCow
Package Hatchling Plan Baby Plan FatCow Plan
Unlimited Resources Yes Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes no
Perl Yes Yes no
Ruby On Rails Yes Yes no
Cron Yes Yes no
Free Domain no no Yes
CGI Yes Yes Yes
Advertising Bonus Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Installation Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes
Shared SSL Yes Yes Yes
More Info More Info More Info

Reliability and Hosting Performance

In addition to the price and features, the hosting reliability and speed are other two important factors when comparing the two web hosts. As the web server and data center infrastructure play a vital role in influencing these two aspects, we have already found the related information.

Web Server

HostGator utilizes quality Linux web servers featuring CentOS operating system, partnered with SuperMicro, Cisco, Level(3), LSI, Juniper network and many more. With these advanced technologies, all the hosted websites can be accessible 24/7 with a peak performance.

FatCow makes use of Linux machines coming with the latest version of Apache for website hosting. With the redundant connections for Internet and the partnership of Cisco, IBM, and Network Appliance, the company can guarantee a quick loading and all-time online availability.

Data Center

HostGator has multiple data centers that all far exceed the industry standard featuring loads of cutting-edge facilities. The Houston data center comes with uninterrupted power backup unit, distribution unit, raised floor, diesel generator, cooling system, and unceasing infrastructure monitoring. The rest data centers are powered with the similar technologies for power supply, climate control, and security.

FatCow also locates its servers at a reliable data center that are equipped with all the things needed to ensure the proper working of web servers. With the great combination of round-the-clock monitoring system and 24/7 on-site monitors, any facilities issues can be fixed immediately before becoming serious.

According to the information of web server and data center presented in above, it is obvious that both of the two web hosts have created a great hosting environment for websites of any sizes and types using different CMSs. However, to pick up a better one, we decide to carry out an online test to compare the page loading speed. Note that the tested websites are build with the same CMS and contain the same amount of files and data.

According to the result, the website hosted by HostGator is 106% faster than the one hosted by FatCow. The detailed statistics can be viewed from the following chart.

Customer Service

According to the real customer reviews, we have found that both of the two companies view this aspect greatly, achieving high customer satisfaction level for a long time. Their support services are undoubtedly responsive and professional, offered by a group of experienced support staffs who know everything about web hosting. Once customers need help, they can ask for assistance by contacting them through live chat, ticket system, and phone call. Note that the technical support is available 24/7.

Knowledge Base

Only offering the on-staff technical support is not enough, especially for some new customers. In this case, both of these two web hosts also have set up the great knowledge base that contains the rich information for hosting service, FTP, domains, security, basic configurations, SEO, emails and many more. To be frank, by leveraging these easy-to-understand tutorials, you can deal with some basic issues on your own, without the need to wait for the response from the support staffs.

When comparing the knowledge bases offered by HostGator and FatCow, we have to admit that HostGator ensures a larger one with more valuable information. Even, this hosting provider has set up an exclusive Forum section that has a large number of active users each day, from which you can communicate with your peer bloggers and learn something from the experienced webmasters.


Based on the comparison, both HostGator and FatCow offer a cost-effective hosting solution for online business featuring loads of competitive features at an affordable price. Also, they are all reliable and offer excellent technical support. The only difference is that HostGator achieves better hosting performance than FatCow. As the website speed affects the online business directly, HostGator is better in this comparison.