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HostGator vs 1and1 - Better Blog Hosting Comparison

HostGator vs 1and1 – Better Blog Hosting Comparison

If you are going to start a blog site and are looking for the blog hosting solution, HostGator and 1and1 can ensure all the things you want, such as the fast hosting performance, affordable packages, free extras, popular scripts, great reliability and many more. After all, both of these two web hosts are the long-lasting service providers, coming with the rich experiences to ensure the high-quality blog hosting solution to a massive number of bloggers.

To choose between them, you need to spare time and effort to try the service on your own, collect the online information and start some tests. To ease your burden, our hosting reviewers have done these tasks for you. This means you only need to check the following HostGator vs 1and1 comparison to learn which one can offer the better blog hosting for you.

Brief Comparison between HostGator and 1and1

In fact, HostGator is generally regarded as the global service provider dedicated to the hosting solution, along with some related products and services. Started since the year of 2002, this web host now has hired over 500 of professional staffs to support millions of webmasters. At present, they even become a brand of the EIG company.

Different from HostGator, 1and1 is a comprehensive service provider that ensures a wide product range to help you easily set up a website, start the online business, manage your emails and optimize the site SEO, etc. The lack focus on the web hosting might be the main reason as why we feel HostGator is the better blog hosting company, even though 1and1 has been founded for more than 26 years.

The below chart demonstrates our general idea of their blog hosting service.

Rating HostGator 1and1
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The Common Aspect of HostGator and 1and1

Firstly, let’s discuss their common aspect when it comes to the blog hosting solution. In fact, for all the award-winning and experienced web hosts in the market, the hosting reliability is the core point. Webmasters and online readers hate the frequent and long downtime, so these web hosts have to try their best to reduce or even eliminate these bad situations to the largest degree. Surely, HostGator and 1and1 are not the exceptions.

Actually, these two web hosts all state to ensure the 99.9% uptime that is the industry standard. After testing their service in the real world, we can conclude that both of them are the reliable options.

The tested site that is hosted by HostGator gets the 99.99% uptime.

And the 1and1 supported one gets the 99.97% track record.

The Different Aspects of HostGator and 1and1

When figuring out what they have done differently, we mainly discuss their hosting rates, features offered, add-on offerings, ease of use and technical support.

Prices for the Blog Hosting Plans – 1and1 Is Cheaper

Firstly, we’d like to compare the prices set for their blog hosting solution, which might be considered a lot by most bloggers.

If you choose HostGator, you can select among 3 blog hosting plans that regularly charge you starting at $6.95/mo. Personally speaking, this rate is within the common web hosting charge in this industry that is around $7/mo. At present, however, if you sign up with their service by utilizing the coupon code EUNGE30OFF, you can get an additional discount of 30%. This means the starting rate is $4.86/mo effectively.

HostGator Coupon Code Activation

If you choose 1and1, you can enjoy an incredibly cheap hosting charge that starts at $0.99/mo only. However, the secret is that this extremely cheap charge is only available when you purchase with the 12-month billing cycle. If you choose other billing, the price starts at $7.99/mo.

Hosting Features for Each Plan – HostGator Ensures More

Both HostGator and 1and1 do not set the clear restriction on your usage of disk space and bandwidth, and allow you to host more than one website on a single account. This surely gives you much freedom and flexibility.

In addition, they all ensure you the most updated versions of some programming languages to achieve your advanced purposes, such as PHP, CGI, ROR, Perl, Cron and many more. Also, the basic security features are included by them, such as the daily backup service, SSH protocol and hotlink protection,

Frankly speaking, both of these two companies guarantee the most basic hosting features for you. However, when it comes to the add-on features, HostGator offers more.

  • HostGator offers the self-owned toll-free phone number, free dedicated IP address and the free private SSL if you choose their Business plan. 1and1, however, simply lacks these offerings.
  • HostGator ensures the 45 days full money back guarantee while 1and1 only ensures 30 days.
  • No matter which HostGator plan you choose, you can get $100 Google AdWords for the better listing on the Google search engine. With 1and1, however, you can only get this benefit with a 30-day free trial. After that period, you need to pay $9.99. Besides, HostGator also allows another $100 for Yahoo and Bing search engines.
Features HostGator 1and1
Bandwidth & Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Toll-free phone number Yes No
Private SSL Yes No
Free Templates Yes No
Money Back 45 days 30 days
Marketing Credits 200 No
How to Claim Coupon EUNGE30OFF Not Recommended

Script Support & Easy Hosting – HostGator Does Better

Both of them support a lot of free scripts that can be used to set up various kinds of websites. To ensure the best running of these scripts, HostGator achieves the optimized hosting environment for all the hosting packages. 1and1, however, ensures the different level of script compatibility for different plans. The more advanced plan you choose, the better script running you can enjoy.

In addition, when it comes to the website building, HostGator offers an array of free tools including the 1-click application installer, Weebly website builder and free site templates, with which you can have your site started effortlessly.

1and1 also offers the exclusive website building service, with which you can even start a professional website that comes with up to 500 webpages and can expand your site with hundreds of applications. However, this service is only free for 30 days, after which you should pay $4.99.

Hosting Performance – HostGator is Faster

We have tested their blog hosting performance and can conclude that HostGator is much faster than 1and1. You can check the below chart for the detailed statistics.

In addition, we also have reviewed their server and data center utilization, and have found that HostGator has done more preparations. For instance, their servers are all Dell branded with the best quality, and their data centers are coming with the cutting-edge facilities seeking for the best working environment for server machines.

Technical Support – HostGator is More Helpful

When comparing their technical support, we have contacted their support team using all the available channels and have got the below conclusions. Note that their support services are all 24/7 available.

  • HostGator offers more support channels. Besides the commonly available phone and email support, this web host also provides the live chat support that is lacked from 1and1.
  • The support representatives of HostGator reply us much faster than those of 1and1, which are a few seconds via the phone and live chat, as well as around 10 minutes via the email.
  • The knowledge base of HostGator is larger, more professional and more information-rich than that of 1and1.


Surely, HostGator offers the better blog hosting than 1and1, with which you can get the best support service, reliable and fast hosting, easy website creation and rich features at the budget-friendly charges. You can also check the below chart to figure out their industry reputation by reading the customer reviews.