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HostGator Coupon Code - 30% Saving Offer

HostGator Coupon Code – 30% Saving Offer

HostGator is an affordable web hosting provider that releases a series of coupon codes, reducing the hosting charges to different levels. At present, the most beneficial coupon code available is EUNGE30OFF, with which you can purchase starting at $3.46/mo effectively, 30% off the regular price.

HostGator Coupon Codes for Web Hosting

Initially, HostGator charges their three web hosting plans at the price of $4.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $12.95/mo respectively with the three-year billing. With the release of coupon code EUNGE30OFF, however, the prices are as low as $3.46/mo, $5.56/mo and $9.06/mo. Also, it reduces the domain registration charge from $15 down to $12.95.

Due to the fact that HostGator allows multiple billing circles ranging from 1 month to 36 months, this coupon code results in different charges for different billings. In the following, we have made a price table, demonstrating how much you need to pay with the coupon code EUNGE30OFF. Note that the highest saving you can get is $55.51.

Price Hatchling Baby Business
36 Months $3.46/mo $5.56/mo $9.06/mo
24 Months $4.16/mo $6.26/mo $9.76/mo
12 Month $4.86/mo $6.96/mo $10.46/mo
6 Months $6.26/mo $6.96/mo $10.46/mo
1 Month $6.26/mo $6.96/mo $10.46/mo

Other Coupon Codes

  • SNAPPY – The default coupon achieves a 20% discount, reducing the hosting charges and the domain registration fee down to $3.96/mo and $12.95 effectively. Note that the coupon code SNAPPY is a default one, which is already validated in your check out.
  • BHSONECENT – This coupon is used to get the first month of hosting for just one cent. As for the three-year billing, the price is as low as $4.67/mo. Note that they cannot apply for the three-month billing circle, but can lower the domain registration fee to $12.95 only.


All the above-listed coupon codes are 100% valid. Among them, the coupon code EUNGE30OFF is the most beneficial one, achieving the largest discount and the lowest hosting charge.