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Host4ASP.NET Review - You Must Read Before Go
Host4ASP.NET Hosting 5 5

Host4ASP.NET Review – You Must Read Before Go

As an emerging web hosting provider, Host4ASP.NET is growing rapidly and attracting many webmasters. This professional web host which employs many experienced web hosting engineers to devotes to offer various hosting packages to cater to different users with different requirements.

After a long time of full-scale study, we combine our research to our own hosting experience, and then finally work out the following review to evaluate this web host from several aspects like feature and customer support. Now, go straight to the details.

Host4ASP.NET Review
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    $2.95/mo, 58% off $6.95/mo regularly

Plan and Pricing

Host4ASP.NET offers three plans for users to select based on their own needs. The plans, BASIC, ADVANCED and BUSINESS, originally charge for $6.95/mo to $18.95/mo. Fortunately, with the following promotion link, people can purchase the packages at $2.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $14.95/mo respectively. Compared with the market price of other ASP.NET hosting service, all these plans are appealing and affordable.

What’s more, all the plans carry with a 30-day money guarantee, which means you do not need to worry about the value of money. Besides, if people have more requirements on domain name or domain private privacy, they also can purchase these services with affordable costs form this considerate company.

Host4ASP.NET Promotion Activation


All the plans include unlimited subdomains, domain pointers per site MySQL 5 and MSSQL 2012 Besides, the plans are also highlighted by rich windows hosting features like IIS8, URL rewrite Module 2 and isolated application pool.

Compare to other excellent web hosts like HostGator, Host4ASP.NET also have many great features, including Windows server 2012, online file manager, MSSQL 2012 and more. Even, all the developer features that include multiple NET versions, visual lightswitch and custom error pages are available.

Hosting Reliability

In order to test the hosting reliability achieved by Host4ASP.NET, our reviewers leverage the Uptime Robot to monitor this aspect 3 months ago. According to the statistics, we have found that this web host achieves a 100% uptime during these days, with no downtime at all.

To ensure this level of reliable service, Host4ASP.NET has spared a lot of efforts on their server machines and data centers.

  • All the utilized servers are DELL branded and factory tested, featuring the rock-solid components such as the dual processors and SSD drives. Even, these servers come with more than 32 GB of RAM and the RAID 5 arrays, all aiming at the smooth running for all the hosted websites.
  • As for the data centers, Host4ASP.NET rents the top-level ones that have the redundant supply for power and electricity, automatic systems for ventilation and cooling, advanced monitoring that is 24/7 available and many more. With these facilities, Host4ASP.NET ensures the uninterrupted server working.

You can check the following chart to get the detailed statistics of the uptime achieved by this web host.

Page Loading Speed

As for the hosting speed, this web host also has done a lot to get the best result. For instance, they choose the solid state drives to replace the common HHDs and offers the CloudFlare branded CDN service, all of which can boost your page loading speed up to 300% faster.

In addition, Host4ASP.NET utilizes the multi-layer network that can shorten the physical path between your server and your website visitors, resulting in the faster speed for data delivery.

To get the exact statistics of their achieved hosting speed, we utilize the Uptime Robot again for the monitoring purpose. Based on the final reports, the average server response speed of Host4ASP.NET is as short as 309 ms only.

Technical Support

Host4ASP.NET has a professional support team that is 24/7 available, offering the full-round and responsive service. This way, you can ask for solutions through live chat, email and ticket. Also, this web host promises to respond with the satisfactory answers within a short time.

What’s more, the Knowledgebase is available for consumers to get answers and solutions for some common issues. Besides, the official blog including some tutorials and documentations are helpful for customers to learn about web hosting. For example, people who want to enhance their sites can refer to the blog to get introductions of some plugins and SEO suggestions.


Based on our aspect-to-aspect review above, it is obvious that Host4ASP.NET is a preferable choice for people to host personal and business sites. The company has ability to offer consumers with trustworthy hosting service and considerate customer support.