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Host28 Review, Rating and Secrets Revealed
Host28 Review 5 5

Host28 Review, Rating and Secrets Revealed

Host28 is a reliable and affordable web hosting provider that expands quickly within a short time. With the commitment to guarantee the top-notch hosting solution with the peak performance and helpful technical support, this company now has served for more than 20,000 websites all over the world with the high customer satisfaction rate.

However, Host28 is still new as compared with those large and popular web hosts, so many webmasters simply know little or even nothing about their service. In this case, we have made a comprehensive Host28 review based on the aspects of hosting charges, features, page loading speed, hosting uptime and support service.

The General Information of Host28

This web host mainly focuses on Linux-based web hosting service that is charged starting at $2.49/mo effectively via this special promotional link.

Without doubt, Host28 is a cheap hosting provider, but it does not mean poor services. They only use the robust DELL servers along with a state-of-the-art data center to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast hosting. Besides, instead of outsourcing the technical support to some third parties, they hire a group of professional support staffs to assist customers all the times.

In the following, we have showcased the pros and cons of Host28 web hosting solution based on our personal trying with them and the feedbacks from real customers. Before moving to the details, you can have a general impression from the below editorial chart.

Host28 Review
  • Reputation
  • Feature
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Price

You can also check some more information about this web host at this review.

The Pros of Host28 Web Hosting Solution

After hosting our sample site with this web host for more than three months and doing the online survey among hundreds of Host28 customers, we have found that this hosting provider has done a pretty job in the aspects of affordability, reliability, fast hosting and rich features.

Affordable Hosting Charges

Host28 offers three web hosting packages that are named as Basic, Advance and Business. The regular rates of these three plans are not expensive, starting at $5.99/mo, $7.99/mo and $15.99/mo. However, to add more values to the hosting solution, this company has released a beneficial promotional link, with which you can get an up to 58% discount and purchase starting at $2.49/mo, $3.99/mo and $9.99/mo respectively. As calculated, you can save up to $216 in total.

The detailed price table can be checked in the following.

Packages Discounted Prices Discounts
Basic $2.49/mo 58%
Advance $3.99/mo 50%
Business $9.99/mo 37%

100% Uptime Track Record

Host28 claims to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for the hosted websites. To keep this promise, they have paid much attention to the selection of server machines and server spaces.

DELL Branded Web Servers

As the quality of web server directly affects the delivery of your website data over the Internet, Host28 adopts the robust DELL servers that are widely used by the leading web hosts on the market. All the server machines are coming with dual processors, solid components and sufficient server resources.

Advanced Data Center

In order to make sure that all the servers can work uninterruptedly, this web host rents a world-class data center that is located at Chicago and is backed by a lot of advanced technologies listed as below.

  • Redundant power supply to ensure all the facilities can work without power outrage.
  • Biometric accessing and PTZ to ensure the maximum security of the infrastructure.
  • SSAE-16 certification along with experienced engineers.
  • Systems for climate control, water prevention and fire suppression in case any accident.
  • 24/7 facility monitoring to prevent any potential danger and deal with the current issues promptly.

In fact, all of these things are powerful to ensure a great uptime track record. According to the monitoring result we have got from Pingdom, this web host succeeds in achieving a 100% uptime for our sample site for the past three months.

Easy Hosting

Frankly speaking, Host28 can be regarded as a perfect option for newbies who set up the website or step into this field for the first time. This is because the hosting solution offered by this web host is pretty user-friendly. You are not required to bear the advanced knowledge, rich experiences or some special skills. All available tools and services provided by Host28 can help you start and control your site with the great ease.

Firstly, Host28 ensures the ultimately easy process for website creation. As most people now choose to use the scripts to set up different kinds of websites, this hosting provider ensures the 100% compatibility with these scripts, as well as the rich and well-optimized hosting environment for the super-blazing performance. In addition, to achieve the fast and effortless script installation, Host28 offers the automatic installer that only requires you to make some clicks to install and activate these scripts.

As you have created your site with much ease, you can also enjoy the effective website management using the enhanced cPanel control panel. Note that Host28 does not charge you any license fee for this great tool, which means you can manage everything related to your hosting account and website without any charge. Besides, as the optimized cPanel comes with the clear and well-organized user interface, you can get used to it quickly even if you are a newcomer.

Fast Page Loading Speed

The utilization of quality servers and the data center not only benefits the hosting reliability, but also ensures the peak hosting performance. Therefore, almost all the Host28 customers are satisfied with their page loading speed.

To better boost the hosting speed, this web host also adopts solid state drives and CloudFlare CDN service.

  • The SSD drives work better and faster than the common drives with low latency for data accessing.
  • The CDN service offered by CloudFlare can boost your page loading at least 300% faster by responding the requests from the nearest web servers.

Generally, Host28 can achieve a fast page loading that is less than 3 seconds on average. In the following, we have shown the precise statistics of the server response time for our sample site hosted with their Advance plan. According to the result, Host28 really has achieved an amazing hosting performance which is far better than the common web hosts.

No Overselling

This is a great highlight of Host28. As the majority of web hosts will oversell their web host services, Host28 simply puts an end to this practice.

This means your unused disk space and monthly bandwidth will never be resold to anyone else. Also, your website performance will not be adversely affected by bad webmaster with over-consumption on server resources.

Rich Hosting Features

The basic features of the three plans offered by Host28 are different, so you can choose your most suited one without spending extra money.

  • Basic – Includes 100 GB of disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 1 MySQL database, 1 domain allowed and free shared SSL certificate.
  • Advance – Includes all the feature offered by the Basic plan, but does not set any restriction on domain hosting, disk space and MySQL database.
  • Business – Includes all the features of the Advance plan, along with a free IP, a free domain for life, domain privacy service and the private SSL.

In addition to these offerings, all of the three plans also offer the enhanced cPanel control panel, automatic script installer, the latest version of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby and Python, SSH, Zend Framework, phpMyAdmin and many more.

Generally, no matter which kind of websites you are going to set up, your hosting needs can be fully met with this web host.

The Cons of Host28 Web Hosting Solution

To be frank, this web host only has a minor drawback of their technical support service. Just like the majority of quality hosting providers, Host28 also offers a 24/7 technical support via multiple channels including the instant live chat and emails. All the support staffs are well-trained with rich hosting knowledge and professional support manner. Even, this web host has a large knowledge Base for you to learn something about web hosting, website building and account management with ease.

However, the weak point is that Host28 does not offer the phone support. This may lead to some inconveniences when you encounter some emergent troubles and need the instant help.

Actually, this web host only focuses on the shared web hosting solution that is based on the CloudLinux operating system. This kind of focus achieves the great service for bloggers and personal website owners who are looking for the quality Linux web hosting. However, for people who use the ASP.NET based applications or prefer to use the Windows hosting, Host28 is not a good option to try.

Even, as this hosting provider does not offer the VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated server service, you need to think twice before signing up with them if you are going to start a large site that has the immense traffic.

Summary – Is Host28 Worth Trying or Not?

Without doubt, the web hosting offered by Host28 is absolutely worth going. With it, you can get a fast hosting speed with almost no downtime. Besides, with multiple hosting plans at affordable charges, you can have your hosting requirements fully met without spending too much.

Although there is no phone support available, you can ask help from other ways which give you a fast response. Besides, with the 30-day money back, your purchasing is totally risk-free and worry-free.

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