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The Beginner's Guide to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The Beginner’s Guide to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

With the popularity and essence of guest blogging increasing with every sunrise, every blogger is looking forward to practicing this strategy. But guest blogging seems to be the sun hiding behind the clouds of doubts and queries. The basic idea about guest blogging is that this is a method of promotion and marketing of your site by offering posts to peer websites or blogs. More information about it can be found in this page. However, only a few people know how to create guest blogging opportunities for the promotion of blog on the internet world. So here is the proper sequence of activities that can make you a successful guest blogger.

Determine the Guest Blogging Aim

AimThe key to success of every plan lies in the determination of its goal. When it comes to guest blogging, first of all, you need to determine your aim for executing it. A beginner aims at three things to achieve from guest blogging. These are building backlinks, getting appreciable traffic to the site and emerging as the leader of a niche in the industry. A beginner might aim at all the three factors or any one factor in the initial stage of guest posting.

The determination of guest blogging aims to help in selecting the best-available blog for publishing guest posts. For instance, if your aim is to get remarkable traffic to your site, you shall choose the blog that involves many subscribers. Hence, you should know your guest posting aim in advance to find the best guest blogging opportunity.

Find the Guest Blogging Opportunities

When you are looking for a proper opportunity to publish content as a guest, you must find a platform where your efforts fetch fruitful results. For this, you should make a brief research and find out the best blogs that relate to your niche or promote your industry as a whole. For instance, if you are selling gadgets, you need to find electronic-related blogs with an involved audience of technicians. There are several ways that can help you in finding the right blogging opportunity.

Searching on Google

GoogleNo matter how much you try to avoid Google, the situation demands you to use it at one point or the other. When it comes to searching a particular thing, there can’t be anything better than the leading search engine. Hence, when you are looking for a perfect blog where you can publish content as a guest, the best suggestions can be found by searching in Google. Use the keyword along with certain common phrases such as “guest post,” “guest post guidelines,” “guest post submission” or “accepting guest post” to find the top-ranked blogs that allow posting, guidance, submission and offers content to your blog respectively. This allows you to find some quality blogs where you can interact as a guest.

Exploring Social Media

With social media being an important source of traffic, the leading guest bloggers share their work on social networking websites. You can get the track of the profile writers in your niche by searching their names along with “guest post.” The easiest and the most-effective social media where you can find references of some blogs is Twitter. Hence, explore the social media and get check the blog where you can publish guest posts.


It is a community of guest bloggers and hence is a full package of benefits for beginners. You can sign up for free and find blogs that are giving a green signal to guest posts. It renders one of the finest guest blogging opportunities for beginners as the latter succeeds in fulfilling their initial aims.


Connecting with Famous Guest Bloggers

Every industry has a number of influential individuals or famous guest bloggers whose recommendations or content are followed by millions of the targeted audience. These bloggers post content to the most interactive and popular blogs, and engage a remarkable audience in return. Being a beginner, you can follow these experts by tracking the list of websites or blogs where they interact. For this, you again need to use Google and enter the name of famous bloggers after using “guest posts by”. You should follow the leading bloggers in your industry and read their blogs frequently.

Checking Recommendations

RecommendationsSome analysts and writers study a diverse range of websites and blogs to find out the most-popular ones. These writers recommend a list of useful blogs so that prospective guest bloggers can visit and use the links effectively. You can search for such content and follow the recommended links to websites where you can practice guest blogging strategies.


The fulfilment of guest blogging objectives doesn’t solely lies in finding the opportunities but in grabbing them and making the most of them by executing effective strategies. Being a beginner, you should have a clear motive of making smart moves to achieve your aims through guest blogging.