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Top 10 Tips on Better Google Plus Marketing 2015 - Gain More Traffic for Your Site

Top 10 Tips on Better Google Plus Marketing 2015 – Gain More Traffic for Your Site

Social network platforms have become more and more popular for webmasters to better promote their websites. After all, in this digital world, almost all the people will log into their social media accounts to figure out what is happening around them. Therefore, if you carry out the website promotion effectively on these platforms, your chances to be found by more potential visitors can increase greatly.

At present, the major social platforms with a large user base include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. This time we’d like to take about the last option, introducing some useful tips that help you start the successful Google Plus marketing easily.

Tip one: make the personal profile as information-rich as possible

Your personal profile is a great platform to arouse the interests of Google Plus users on your account. Here, you can tell people who you are, where you are living, which school you graduates, what occupations you have done, what skills and expertise you obtain and many more. Also, you can upload your beautiful portrait as the profile photo. The reason for you to do this is that people prefer to communicate with real human. Therefore, you’d better introduce yourself in detail, giving people a sense that you are sincerely looking to share something meaningful.

Now, you need to connect your personal profile with your website. In the About part of your profile page, there is a Links area, from which you can add the URL of your website. Besides, in the Story area of the same page, you can even add a detailed introduction of what your website is about.

Tip two: publish a wide variety of posts to attract followers

It is true that you need to share your blog posts on your Google Plus account so that your followers can move to your webpages for more information. However, it is a wrong practice to publish this kind of posts only.

After all, people are more likely to be attracted by some funny and dynamic pictures, interesting topics and creative videos. Therefore, to get more followers, you have to publish a wide variety of posts with different topics. Among these posts, you can mix your blog posts with them.

Tip three: create Google Plus business page

Google Plus business pageIt is true that the tip two can attract more followers and page views. However, it has a major drawback that your blog posts might be blurred among various topics. In this case, you’d better create a Google Plus business page that focuses on the sharing of your blog posts only. Then, you can reshare the posts from your business page to your main page.

In this way, you can maintain the diversification of your main Google Plus page, and in the meanwhile, keep the focus and professionalism of your business page. In terms of how to create such a special page, you can refer to this post.

Tip four: share your blog posts strategically

To get the best result from the Google Plus marketing for your website, you have to share your posts in a strategic manner. Based on your personal experiences and the opinions of some experts, we highly recommend you to share the posts links, titles and content summaries in one time. Only share a link can do no good for promoting your site.

Besides, you’d better make the summary as informative and attractive as possible, arousing people’s interests to click the link for further reading.

Tip five: comment on the posts of other Google Plus users

comment on Google PlusActually, the word of social indicates human exchanges. On the platform of Google Plus, the best way for exchanging opinions is to comment on others’ posts, especially some popular ones. Here, it does not mean that you can leave some meaningless words to indicate your existence. Instead, some truly meaningful thoughts are required. Once people feel that you are an interesting person looking to share the useful information, they are likely to check your account, follow your page and find your shared blog posts.

Tip six: take part in Google Plus communities

Engaging with Google Plus communities is another effective way for the promotional campaign of your site. For instance, if your website is about some digital arts, you can join the community for the same topic and share your blog posts regularly. In this way, once people who are interested in your website topic recognize your name, they are likely to follow your account and share your posts on their own social groups. In addition, the community users are more likely to be your target website readers as you guys have the same interests.

Tip seven: make your Google Plus posts visual-appealing

After talking with dozens of experienced Google Plus users, we have found that some large and HD images work well on this platform. These components take up a large amount of rooms in users’ eyes, drawing their attentions to improve the click through rate for your post links greatly. Therefore, when sharing your blog posts, you can try to insert some large-scale images before publishing. However, you’d better make sure that these images are relevant to your post contents.

Tip eight: make use of hashtag

Google Plus hashtagAlmost all the social platforms support the hashtag function, and Google Plus is no exception. With it, you can be found by a large number of Google Plus users easily by linking your post with a specific topic. For instance, you share a blog post about WordPress hosting and add the hashtag of WordPress hosting. Then, once people search this keyword in Google Plus, your sharing can be listed among the results.

Here, you need to select the hashtag seriously. It can be neither broad nor specific. The broad keyword may result in too many results to hide your sharing. The specific keyword might be hardly searched by people.

Tip nine: publish posts and engage communities frequently

Google Plus now has millions of active users every day, sharing tens of millions of posts with different topics. Generally, if you share a post and wait a few minutes to refresh your page, you may feel hard to find your previous sharing as it has already been replaced by hundreds of new posts.

Due to this fact, you’d better share something frequently each day to make sure that people can notice you whenever they enter this platform. This practice is pretty important when you are at the beginning of Google Plus marketing. Generally, we recommend you to share a post on a 30-minute basis during the work hour. Even, you can share your blog posts repeatedly to target your potential readers.

Tip ten: customize the custom URL

By default, the URL of your Google Plus page is just like, which is long, ugly and hard to remember. Therefore, to effectively brand yourself and relate your Google Plus page with your website, you can claim a custom URL and make it look like name. This can be configured from your profile page.